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Critter Color Dog Hair Dye
Critter Color Dog Hair Dye $17.99
Critter Color Dog Hair Dye Add some fun to your pup's style with the Critter Color Dog Hair Dye! With a variety of vibrant colors to choose from, your pup will look their best for every outing! Plus, the fast-drying, easy-to-use formula makes application a breeze, so your pup can dazzle in no time! Critter Color is a wash out color system for pets. Our apply and dry application makes creative coloring simplified and less messy. Now performing side-by-side color is easy. Eight fabulous colors to choose from in 4 oz jars. Critter Color is the first hair color in the world for pets that has been granted the rights to use the P.E.T.A. Cruelty free Bunny Logo because of it's ultra safe formulation, our product was specifically designed for pets and their pH systems. Directions: Apply Critter Color to a dry or damp coat with a Latex Gloved Hand or tint brush. Use a hair dryer to set the color. Customize your color with multiple applications or mix several colors together and make your own color crazy Critter Color. The color will wash out from one to several baths. Washout time will vary due to coat conditions, Ingredients: H20, Carbopol, TEA, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Hexylene, Polysorbate 20, FDA Approved Color
Bling Name Dog Collar
Bling Name Dog Collar $17.99
Create-A-Collar Charms Dog Collar Make your pup stand out with the Bling Name Collar! With the Create-A-Collar Charms, you can customize their collar with a unique, one-of-a-kind look. Add a bit of sparkle and shine to your pup's wardrobe that will leave them looking and feeling stylish. They won't be able to wait to show off their fashionable accessory! Create your dogs look by personalizing their collar color and name. Charms are 10mm on a Two Tier Collar
Designer Pet Fragrance - Dog Cologne
Designer Pet Fragrance - Dog Cologne $14.99
Designer Pet Fragrance Introducing Designer Pet Fragrance - the ultimate dog cologne for your furry best friend! Elevate your pet's grooming routine with this luxurious scent, specially formulated to leave your dog smelling fresh and clean for days. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and hello to a happy, stylish pup! Spray Fragrances made with the same quality fragrance oils used in human colognes. 4 oz.  CHOOSE FROM FAMILIAR SCENTS: Aqua Di Dog - Smells like Agua Di Gio. For male dogs. Beautifur - An excellent perfume developed for your beautiful pooch. For female dogs. CK-9 - Light and fresh with citrus undertones. A unisex scent for both cats and dogs. Cool Dog - A quick fix for that wet dog smell. For male dogs. DGNY Bone-D-Licious - Dogs of New York. Be Bad, Be Delicious, Be your Own Dog. Timmy Holedigger - Smells like the popular Tommy Hilfiger. White Dalmations - Feminine and alluring. Woofy Little Princess Barker - Smells like Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. *If shipping internationally, there may be oversized shipping if ordering 10 or more, we estimate oversized shipping would be $10-$20 added to regular shipping rate.
Plastic Pet Apparel Hangers
Plastic Pet Apparel Hangers from $9.99
Plastic Dog Apparel Hangers Packed in a set of 12, our hangers are shaped to fit dog clothing without deforming or damaging the garment. They have top ridges to help prevent the garment from slipping off and openings for string tops and hard to hang garments. Available in three sizes 7 1/2 inches Large, 6 1/4 inches Medium and 5 1/4 Small inches , for Teacups to medium sizes. White color only. Price per DOZEN! (Measurement is taken by turning the pack upside down and measuring from one end to the other--tip to tip) 
Party Pup Dog Toy - Noisemaker
Party Pup Dog Toy - Noisemaker $9.99
Party Pup Dog Toy This Party Pup Dog Toy will bring the party to life! With its fun noisemaker design, your pup can celebrate the good times and enjoy hours of entertainment. Let the fun never stop with this unique, playful toy! The Grriggles Party Pup Collection are cheerful party-themed toys. It’s a dog party and they’ll wag if they want to!
Aria Nina Sequin Dog Hair Barrette
Aria Nina Sequin Dog Hair Barrette $1.99
Aria Nina Sequin Hair Barrette Get ready to add some sparkle to your dog's look with the Aria Nina Sequin Dog Hair Barrette! This fun and playful accessory is perfect for any dog who loves to stand out and make a statement. Its sequin design will add a touch of glamour to your furry friend's hair, making them the star of the pack. Get a look that's all glitz and glimmer, shimmer and shine, with these Aria Nina sequined bows, in colors that suit all winter holidays.These pretty Aria Nina Barrettes feature sparkly sequined bows in red, silver, or black, perfect for any winter holiday. Each 2 Inch barrette has a spring-clip backing Materials: Sequined bow with metal barrette spring clipSize: 2 Inches
Velvet Bow Tie Dog Collar
Velvet Bow Tie Dog Collar $32.00
Velvet Bow Tie Dog Collar Elevate your furry friend's style game with our Velvet Bow Tie Dog Collar. The soft velvet material ensures comfort, while the bow tie adds a touch of charm. Perfect for special occasions and everyday wear, your pooch will look dapper and feel happy. Upgrade their wardrobe now! This velvet collar is 5/8 inches wide. It has white crystal rhinestones set in sterling silver plated settings. The bow tie is on the SIDE of the collar. Included is the crystal buckle and heart charm. You have a choice of pink or black. Adorable! Sizes are gauged by ACTUAL neck size, NOT collar size. Please note: Measure the neck size by snuggly wrapping a tape measure around the neck. Please DO NOT add extra room for comfort, we will do that.FOR SIZES NOT LISTED IN OPTIONS, PLEASE EMAIL US FOR QUOTE: * THIS ITEM IS MADE TO ORDER/ NO REFUNDS ONLY EXCHANGES (CUSTOM ORDER)
Dog Birthday Gift Basket
Dog Birthday Gift Basket $64.99
Birthday Dog Gift Basket Celebrate your pup's special day with this unique Birthday Dog Gift Basket! Our gift basket comes with all your pup needs for a fun-filled birthday celebration. It's time to party! Features: Paw print cellophane bag cover with Paw print bow, blue or pink curly ribbons and matching blue or pink shred in paw print gift box shown below. Each Gift Basket is unique and never the same. Gift basket comes with Party Dog Collar, 2 Dog Donut/Cookie or Pops,1 Dog Birthday Cake, 1 Birthday Hat, 2 Party Dog Toys,1 Dog Beer, Brew or Wine and 1 Crunch Card. The perfect gift for your dog! ***Voted Best Birthday Gift***  Main picture shows a Girl Birthday gift basket
Aria Sheer Delight Dog Hair Bow
Aria Sheer Delight Dog Hair Bow $1.50
Aria Sheer Delight Hair Bow Add some delight to your dog's style with the Aria Sheer Delight Dog Hair Bow. This playful accessory is designed to add a touch of personality to your furry friend's look. Made with sheer material, it's lightweight and comfortable for your pup to wear. Bow-wow, this bow is a must-have! Our Aria Sheer Delight Bows are made of sheer ribbon with rosette centers. Elastic backings for secure attachment.
PetPaint Color & Setting Sprays
PetPaint Color & Setting Sprays $19.99
Pet Paint Color Spray Freshen up your pet's sense of style with Pet Paint Color Sprays. Dries almost instantly and easily washes off with mild soap and water. Completely dog-safe. Available in a 5 oz. spray can and 8 colors. Use the Setting Spray with your favorite Pet Paint Color for longer lasting results. About 100 applications in this bottle. Available in a 2 oz. size. Setting Spray and Color Sprays Sold Separately
Golf Champ Plush Dog Toy Set
Golf Champ Plush Dog Toy Set $49.99
Golf Champ Dog Toy Set Elevate your dog's playtime with our Golf Champ Dog Toy Set! This plush set includes a golf cart, golf balls, and a golf club, providing hours of interactive fun. Perfect for active dogs who love to fetch and chew, this set also promotes exercise and mental stimulation. Get ready for a hole in one! The ultimate toy for the golf lover, this toy set contains two golf balls, a golf tee, and club, all nicely tucked away in a plush soft golf bag embroidered with the ON logo and Golf Champ.  Each toy contains a squeaker
Perignon Champagne Dog Toy
Perignon Champagne Dog Toy from $11.99
Dog Perignon Champagne Dog Toy Make your furry friend feel like the ultimate star with our Perignon Champagne Dog Toy! This plush toy is designed to look just like a bottle of champagne, perfect for playtime or snuggling. Keep your dog entertained and stylish with this luxurious toy. Uncork a bottle of bubbly fun. Plush exterior with a squeaky that drives dogs crazy. Every Pampered Pup should have one. Sizes: Small 5 inches and Large 10 inches 
Bitty Buddies Small Dog Toy
Bitty Buddies Small Dog Toy $3.99
Zanies Bitty Buddies 3 Inch Dog Toy Bring a burst of joy and playfulness to your pup with our Bitty Buddies Small Dog Toy! Featuring the perfect size for small dogs, this toy is designed to provide endless fun and entertainment. Made with high-quality materials, it's durable and sure to keep your furry friend happy and active! These adorable plush squeaker toys offer an effective way to attract and keep dog’s attention while training or in the show ring.Small 3 inches size is easily concealed in a pocket or hand. Also make great toys for puppies and smaller dogs. For X-small-Small sized dogs
Aria Sequin Dog Hair Bow
Aria Sequin Dog Hair Bow $1.00
Aria Sequin Hair Bow Dazzle up your furry friend with the Aria Sequin Dog Hair Bow. This eye-catching accessory features a shimmery look that will make your pup stand out in any crowd. Perfect for adding a touch of glam to any occasion! Add some glitz and glamour to every posh pet with our sparkling Aria Sequin Dog Bows. Available in three great colors: purple, pink, and blue.Material: Polyester fabric, rubber band.Size: Each bow measures 1 3/4 Inches
Color Paw Pet Nail Polish
Color Paw Pet Nail Polish $5.99
Top Performance Color Paw Nail Polish Introducing Color Paw Pet Nail Polish: the perfect way to add some color to your furry friend's nails! With Top Performance Color Paw Nail Polish, your pet will stand out from the pack. Show your pet some love with this vibrant and pet-safe nail polish. Top Performance Color Paw Nail Polish For Perfect PETicures Every Time•Fast-drying, one-coat coverage•Trend-setting colors for a fashionable look •Premium-quality for lasting results Our premium-quality formula gives beautiful results in just seconds. Adds the perfect finishing touch to pet nail care. Water-resistant and chip-resistant to provide long-lasting color. Comes in a 1/2 oz (15 ml) bottle. Color Paw Nail Polish is available in the colors listed below.
Freddy Krueger Dog Costume
Freddy Krueger Dog Costume $34.99
Freddy Krueger Dog Costume Transform your furry friend into the iconic Freddy Krueger with this dog costume! Perfect for Halloween or cosplay events. Guaranteed to turn heads and inspire some screams! Your little pup will be tearing up Halloween when you dress them in this Freddy Krueger Pet Costume.  This red and black sweater comes complete with the classic character hat and glove. Officially Licensed Freddy Krueger Pet Costume includes: Sweater Hat Glove Materials: 100% Polyester Wash/Care Instructions: Hand Wash Cold Water Dry Flat