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Cat Dreams DVD for Cats
Cat Dreams DVD for Cats $14.99
GoCat Cat Dreams DVD for Cats Video and audio footage that cats can't resist!  Need to go somewhere?  Now you can keep your cats content with the Cat Dreams Dvd for cats. Packaging may be one or the other- still the same DVD.
Doggy Daycare DVD
Doggy Daycare DVD $11.99 $19.99
DOGGY DAYCARE DVD The Doggy Daycare DVD will give your beloved pup a much-needed break from watching you work from home! Get Fido out of the house and into a world of canine entertainment! It's doggone enjoyable! The Puppy Cup comes to DVD. Both you and your dog can enjoy a soccer match consisting of eight Golden Retriever puppies comprising two teams; The Chicago Bark and New York Yappies. These puppies are just to cute to be soccer players! Who will win? Other segments included in the continuous loop for your dog’s enjoyment are: Playing with friends, Feathered Friends, Fun in the Sun, Nutty Neighbors and Yappy Hour. A special features segment includes: Grooming Advice, Best Bets for Boarding, Trainer Tips and A word from your vet.