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Doggie Diaper Bag
Doggie Diaper Bag from $64.99
DOGGIE DIAPER BAG The Pet JetSetter is a designer bag with accents making it stand out to the passersby. It is obviously your poochie’s bag and not just another tote or messenger bag.Adjustable, detachable shoulder strap can be used as a temporary leash - High quality signature canvas fabric wipes clean - Vinyl covers top and bottom - Zip top enclosure - Ring to clip keys - Dog leash silver clasp closure on straps - L:18 inches W:5 inches H:11 inches  - LIGHTWEIGHT: unlike so many other canvas bags We have baby diaper bags so why not doggy diaper bags? Tote your poochie’s gear in style with this chic and stylish pet travel bag. It’s guaranteed to make your furry friend wag his tail when you reach for it. Each of the six pockets are decorated so you know what’s inside. You no longer have to dig through a cluttered bag. Many of us have a four legged companion that we take on trips or simply anywhere. This doggy diaper bag gives you the convenience of having all of your dog’s necessities at your fingertips. You can even have everything packed and always ready to go! HEAVY STAINLESS STEEL BOWLS INCLUDED Six,exterior pockets contain our signature design and hold the following items: -Water bowl (included; dishwasher safe, scratch and rust proof) -Food bowl (included; dishwasher safe, scratch and rust proof) -Water bottle (store in side mesh pocket) -Treats -Bones -Brush/comb Room inside for toys, food, blanket, etc. *DOG’S NAME CAN BE EMBROIDERED ON THE BAG THIS ITEM TAKES ABOUT 2 WEEKS FOR PRODUCTION. THANK YOU
Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System
Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System $64.99
Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System Cats bury their waste in a litter tray to hide the odor from predators. This is a survival instinct. When they use the toilet instead of the litter tray the water in the pan hides the odor more effectively and the cat is satisfied. The Litter Kwitter leads the cat through three stages of behavior modification to teach the cat how to balance on the toilet, how to aim correctly into the pan and finally how to go without the need for litter. It fits all standard toilets and ships with a step-by-step training DVD plus a full-color instruction book so anyone can do it. The special white seat starts on the floor next to the toilet with the red training disc full of litter just like their regular litter tray. Later, the whole thing is placed on the toilet rim so your cat learns to hop up to go. This takes around 2-3 weeks on average.
Pet Passport
Pet Passport $11.99 $14.99
Wag N Pet Passport The Most Comprehensive Pet Record keeping Booklet Available. The Pet Passport from Wag N is the perfect way to travel with your pet! Keep your furry pal safe and secure with the latest in pet passport technology. Whether you're jet-setting across the country or just running down the street, rest assured that your pet is in good hands. Go forth and explore with the Wag N Pet Passport! 32 Page Trilingual Format, Pet Ownership Information, Pet ID Microchip Documentation, Pet Allergy Section, Animal Blood Type Section, Surgery Documentation, and much more. Dog Passport Available
Petmate Airline Travel Kit
Petmate Airline Travel Kit $24.99
Petmate Airline Pet Travel Kit The Petmate Airline Travel Kit has everything you need to ensure safe travels for your pet. Includes portable food and water cups, live animal stickers, pet ID labels and an absorbent, disposable kennel floor liner. Food cups hook onto wire kennel doors while the floor liner can be cut down to fit any size kennel. Fill in your pet’s information on the ID label and affix to your pet’s kennel when travelling for easy identification. Deluxe includes spill resistant food & water cup, absorbent pad, nuts & bolts, 2 live animal ID labels, temporary pet ID tag, 12 zip ties, & shipping identification sticker with fields for important details including veterinary & pet owner information Many airlines do not accept crates with plastic nuts/bolts or pegs that hold the top and bottom together. The Deluxe kit includes metal nuts/bolts to modify your kennel Great for easy identification Everything you need for safe travels What's Included Spill-resistant food & water cup, absorbent kennel pad, (2) LIVE ANIMALS stickers, temporary Pet ID tag, shipping identification sticker, (12) zip ties, (12) 1 1/4 inch bolts, (5) 1 3/4 inch bolts, (5) 1 inch bolts, (12) washers, (12) nuts. 
The Tick Key
The Tick Key $9.99
The Tick Key Tick Key Is The Easiest-To-Use Tick Remover On Earth! Place the key over the tick in the teardrop hole. Slide the tick into specially tapered slot. Pull key away from tick sliding along the skin. The Tick is removed easily, head and all! This patent pending design has been perfected and tested for over five years and is responsible for the removal of thousands of ticks of all sizes including deer ticks and dog ticks. The Tick Key is fabricated from high-strength anodized aluminum...this is not a weak piece of plastic. The Tick Key is currently available in 6 bright metallic colors; Green, Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, & Pewter. Any color will be sent depending on availability. The Tick Key is flat and is easily stored in a wallet, pocket, on a key chain, collar, saddle, or leash. Made in the USA. Available in assorted colors, please allow us to choose for you. *We at Posh Pet Glamour Boutique personally use this tick remover for all our pets. We Highly Recommend It!