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Cat Combo Brush
Cat Combo Brush $9.99
U Groom Cat Combo Brush Experience a perfect groom with the Cat Combo Brush. Its special double-headed design combines a slicker and pin brush to effectively remove tangles, matted fur, and debris. Enjoy a stress-free brushing session with your cat! A must-have brush for every professional and amateur groomer! All-purpose brush is sized just right for cats Features stainless steel pins with safety tips on one side and bristles on the other
GripSoft Pin Brush for Pets
GripSoft Pin Brush for Pets $9.99
GripSoft Pin Brush Transform your pet's grooming routine with the GripSoft Pin Brush! The sturdy grip handle allows for comfortable and controlled brushing, while the gentle pins effectively detangle and remove loose fur. Pamper your pet while keeping their coat healthy and shiny. Sturdy wire pins help untangle mats and snarls. Great for daily brushing of any dog or cat. 10 inches 
Top Performance Dog Hair Dye Accessories Kit
Top Performance Dog Hair Dye Accessories Kit $14.99 $19.99
Top Performance Hair Dye Accessories Kit 14/Pcs The tools you need for a precision dye job, time after time. Our Top Performance Hair Dye Accessories Kit includes clips, multi-use tools, and a graduated mixing bowl. Everything you need to make pet hair dyeing easy! This exclusive 14-piece kit includes four long banana-style hair clips, two short clips, and two large clips. Use the clips to hold back pet hair for better accuracy. Also includes a graduated mixing bowl, and four multi-use tools with an appealing array of combing, brushing, and picking options—something for every style of pet hair. Each kit is packaged in a zippered, reusable polyvinyl travel bag.
Zoom Groom Pet Brush
Zoom Groom Pet Brush $11.99
Zoom Groom Pet Brush Brush, groom, and play with your furry friend using the Zoom Groom Pet Brush! This innovative brush is designed to remove loose hair and massage your pet's skin, promoting a healthy coat. The soft rubber bristles provide a gentle and enjoyable grooming experience for your pet. Grooming has never been so fun! Does not yank or pull like other brushes and slickers. Gentle fingers reach through fur to make friendly contact with dog's skin. This groomassage action removes loose hair like a magnet, stimulates capillaries and natural oil production for healthy skin and coats. EFFECTIVE FOR ALL DOGS! Empties with a flick!