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Blanket Burrow Pet Bed
Blanket Burrow Pet Bed $32.00
Blanket Bed- for dogs or cats Introducing the perfect solution for pet-owners looking to keep their homes clean and fur-free: the Blanket Bed! Made of thick, soft, and environment-friendly fleece, this blanket is machine-washable and tumble-dry friendly, shedding and fading resistant. It's also super comfy for your pup/kitty, making it the perfect napping spot. Best of all, it protects your furniture from scratching and pet hair, keeping your couch or bed free of dirt. So why not give your furry friend the gift of a cozy blanket bed that also helps you keep your home clean?  Size 50 X 50cm / 20 X 20inch
Brown Cupcake Pet Bed
Brown Cupcake Pet Bed $64.99
Brown Cupcake Bed What could be sweeter than your own sweet companion snoozing in this Brown Cupcake Shape Dog and Cat Bed. With frosting and sprinkles on top, this dog and cat bed tell everyone sweet pets can be. With micro plush fabric and faux fur, your pet will be right at home curling up in this dog and cat bed. The natural foam structure will lull them to dreamland while you can revel in the fun and unique shape. This dog and cat bed is amusing for you and home sweet home to your dog or cat. Features: A unique and fun dog bed & cat bed design in a Cupcake shape. Soft and cuddly faux fur / micro plush fabric material. Great snuggle companion for your pet. Filled with natural foam structure. Sizing Approximately: 18 inches x 18 inches
Cat Cave Deluxe - Fairy House
Cat Cave Deluxe - Fairy House $100.00
Cat Cave Deluxe - Fairy House 100% Hand Made From Ethically Sourced Wool - Hand Washable - Fits Cats and Small Dogs Up To 18lb - One size, because it’s the perfect size. The cat cave has been perfected as a functional and beautiful rest, play and hiding environment for cats and small dogs. They are available in an assortment of beautiful colors, providing a great accent to compliment any home décor. Our cat caves are hand crafted in Nepal using 100% premium ethically sourced merino wool. Our team of skilled Nepalese artisans put a lot of love into making each piece! The wool is not only beautiful and durable, it has properties that repel dirt and water, keeping pets clean and fresh. Plus, cats are attracted to the natural smell of the wool making the cat cave irresistible! Easy to clean – Our cat caves are easy to spot clean with a dash of soap and water. For dirt, dust and hair, vacuum gently. That’s it! There is no need to use a washing machine.Made in Nepal This item cannot be shipped internationally
Christmas Tree Wool Cat Cave Bed
Christmas Tree Wool Cat Cave Bed $79.99
Christmas Tree Wool Cat Cave Bed Cat's love to find new places to hide and sleep and this Christmas they deserve something special too! So why not give them the Christmas Tree Wool Cat Cave Bed! It's a cat-size cave made from felt wool and made to look like a Christmas Tree! Decorated with red, white, and green pom poms and includes a yellow star on top. Your kitty will love hiding out this winter season in the Christmas Tree Wool Cat Cave Bed! Cat Bed is approx. 14 inches wide x 18 inches tall **This bed ships flat to save on shipping costs. Please fill the bed with blankets or towels as tight as you can, that'll push the bed outwards and give it back its round shape. This is the easiest way to remove the creases, but it will take a little while for the bed to remember its shape.
Cute Cat Face Kitty Bed
Cute Cat Face Kitty Bed $74.99
Cute Cat Face Pet Bed Give your furry friend the perfect place to cozy up with this stylish and comfy Cute Cat Face Pet Bed. Its cute cat face shape is sure to add a charming touch to any room, while its soft and fluffy material will ensure your pet a peaceful sleep. Create an irresistible atmosphere for your pet by providing it with a bed worthy of its love. This adorable pet bed is shaped like a cat.  Can be used for a small dog or a cat. Plush pet bed resembles a sleeping kitty. Size:40x30x35cm (15.7 inches x11.8 inches x13.8 inches )   *Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive this item
Fish Cat Bed
Fish Cat Bed $59.99
Fish Shaped Cat Bed Let your cat sleep in comfort and style with this unique fish shaped bed! Made with a cushiony interior, this bed is the perfect combination of luxury and whimsy. Perfect for cats of all sizes, this bed is the ideal place for your pet to relax and recharge. This adorable plush bed is fit for any cat.  One Size fits all.  Plush Grey with removable inner pad.  See dimensions on picture for reference. This item requires 3-6 weeks for delivery - Imported
Flamingo Pet Bed
Flamingo Pet Bed $49.99
Flamingo Pet Bed Let your furry best friend sleep in style! Our Flamingo Pet Bed offers superior comfort and luxurious style for your pet, with a plush yet supportive cushion for maximum comfort. It's sure to bring a splash of delight to any home. Get it today and turn your pet's dreams into reality! Adorable Flamingo bed for your feisty feline.  Also great for extra small dogs. This item requires 4-6 weeks for delivery within the U.S Imported Pink Color Available Only - (Red color shown in size chart)
Foldaway Cat House Furniture Bench
Foldaway Cat House Furniture Bench $79.99
Cat House Furniture bench The Pet Life Foldaway collapsible Cat House Furniture bench easily assembles and collapses. Features a comfortable pleather cushion at the top useful for sitting on that can handle upto 300 lbs of weight. Features playful designer carved entrance and windows great for light exposure or visibility. Comes with an ultra plush machine washable insertable polyester inner cushion great for lounging on. Great as a furniture piece and comes with multiple variation colorations to match and compliment the decor of any home. Great for multiple usages. Designed for smaller dog breeds and cats. Available in Multiple Colors.
Garlic Cat Bed
Garlic Cat Bed $64.99
Garlic Shaped Fun Cat Bed Lounge and relax with comfort and style like never before! Our Garlic Bed looks just like a succulent garlic bulb and provides a cozy, safe haven for your feline companion to rest. Cuddle up in luxury and let your cat enjoy a peaceful sleep in this unique garlic-shaped bed! This bed is warm and comfy for the most finicky cats.  Plush garlic cloves surround your cat with comfort and peace. One Size Fits All. This item requires 3-6 weeks for delivery - Imported Size: 22 x 22  x 20 inches
Gingerbread House - Cardboard Box Cat Playhouse
Gingerbread House - Cardboard Box Cat Playhouse $45.00
Gingerbread Cat Playhouse The Gingerloaf House is a cardboard cat playhouse in the style of Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread house. This cat condo is for kitties that just love the holiday season and can't wait to get into the Christmas spirit. The cat playhouse kit comes with a cardboard gingerbread house and a large sheet of candy stickers to decorate it with. Assembled, the Gingerloaf House is approximately 17.75 inches tall and 13.25 inches wide and deep. The door is roughly 8.75 inches tall by 7.25 inches wide. The sticker sheet is huge - roughly 16.75 inches by 12 inches - and contains 134 individual stickers. Our gingerbread cat playhouse is cat-safe, imprinted with water-based, human-grade inks. It's also an eco-friendly product, made of recycled cardboard. Everything, including the scratcher, is made in the USA. Made in United States 
Happy Camper Meow Hut - Cat Bed
Happy Camper Meow Hut - Cat Bed $59.99
Happy Camper Meow Hut Adorable design meets premium comfort! Your pets will experience deeper more peaceful sleep encouraging better behavior The next day. Does your four-legged friend like to hide? Providing 360-degree coverage Our Dome design is a must-have for burrowers! Offering a sense of sheltered protection pets feel safe secure and cozy. When it comes to unavoidable accidents there's no need to worry! The padded cushion is removable and the entire bed is safe to machine wash and dry. Made with flexible foam and soft micro plush you can rest assured knowing our beds are pet-safe and Made with premium materials! The cushion is even reversible so you can choose the fabric that best suits your friend's lovable personality. Specially designed for pets up to 15lbs, our kitten beds are lightweight and easy to transport! The durable and flexible design allows for easy storage when not in use.
Haunted House - Cardboard Box Cat Playhouse
Haunted House - Cardboard Box Cat Playhouse $39.99
Spooky Cat Haunted House  Spooky Cat Haunted House is a cardboard cat playhouse designed to help cats have a spine-chilling Halloween! This creepy, mansard-roofed mansion is decorated in the most eerie style. Ghosts and spider webs, lightning bolts and bats all together conjure the most ominous holiday of all. For cats who enjoy a little ghostly fun, this supernatural cat condo is perfect for every feline phantom. What makes this ghoulish Halloween house extra fun is the included cat scratcher. Place the scratcher on the floor of the Spooky Cat Haunted House, or use the included smooth floor instead -- whatever the little monster prefers. Spooky Cat Haunted House is approximately 17.75 inches tall, 10.75 inches wide, and 18.5 inches deep. The door is approximately 7.25 inches at its widest point, and 9.25 inches high. Spooky Cat playhouse is cat-safe, imprinted with water-based, human-grade inks. It's also an eco-friendly product, made of recycled cardboard. Everything, including the scratcher, is made in the USA.Made in United States
Hemispherical Cat Chaise
Hemispherical Cat Chaise $64.99
Hemispherical Cat Chaise Bring your furry friend luxury with the Hemispherical Cat Chaise! Crafted from high-quality materials, this chaise will make your kitty feel like royalty. Its hemispherical design provides a unique cushioning experience for your pet, allowing them to saunter in comfort. Pamper your cat with this luxurious chaise! Give your room a modern twist with our Hemispherical cat chaise. Modern design for your modern day cat. Item requires 4-6 weeks for delivery Imported
Hot Pink Cat Bed
Hot Pink Cat Bed $49.99
Hot Pink Cat Cuddle Bed Pamper your pet in pink luxe velvet with our pretty n plush pet bed. Featuring a waterproof and skid-free base, this precious bed is perfect for cats and extra small dogs. It is filled with extra thick, 100% polyfill for maximum comfort. Machine washable. Six months manufacturer’s warranty against defects. Dimensions: Exterior: 15 inches (L) x 7 inches (W) x 8 inches (H) Interior: 13 inches (L) x 7 inches (W) x 8 inches (H)
Lighted Princess Pet Tent
Lighted Princess Pet Tent $49.99
Lighted Princess Pet Tent Royal dreams come alive with this mesmerizing Lighted Princess Tent. Featuring a magical lighted design, bring your little princess' fantasies to life with the perfect place for playtime and snuggling. Delight and uplift your pups mood with a cozy home away from home! Simply adorable and fit for any princess. This pet tent comes with an optional string of LED lights that you can use.  Tent has a mesh window on the side and ties for front curtain. Size 19 inches H X 16 inches W Please always monitor your pets when the string of lights are on the tent. Use your best judgement- lights can be removed at any time. This item requires 4-6 weeks for delivery Instruction video is shown below
Pizza Cuddle Kitty Sak
Pizza Cuddle Kitty Sak from $29.99
Pizza Cuddle Sak Pet Bed Make sure your pet gets the comfort they deserve with the Pizza Cuddle Sak Pet Bed! This fun and stylish bed replicates a delicious pizza with soft cushioning that provides your pet with warmth and relaxation. It's perfect for cats, small dogs, and other furry friends! This pizza cuddle sak is perfect for any cat or dog who prefers to bury themselves in blankets. Raised edges create a sense of security and provide head and neck support, while ultra-soft padding eases joint and muscle pain. Comfortable, flexible and fleece-made bedspreads, our self-warming luxury dog beds are reminiscent of mother's fur coats! Combined with deep crevices to enable your pet to forage, the animal will have plenty of restful sleep to improve behavior and improve health. Our beds come with waterproof bottoms.Important care instructions: To avoid sturdy fur, it is important to dry the bed thoroughly in DRYER  on Tumble or Low directly after washing. This comes as 2 pieces- mat and blanketMaterial: plush and PP cotton.Size (diameter):S: 16 inches RoundM: 21 inches RoundL:  28 inches Round