Aroma Dog Rescue Toy
Aroma Dog Rescue Toy $11.99
Aroma Dog Rescue Dog Toy Here is a new line of toys that are designed to aid in soothing negative emotions and emotional trauma of dogs who come from shelter and rescue situations. Every play and squeak releases a calming blend of essential oils into the air - to help ease and balance the transition to a new environment. Available in assorted colors as a dog, rabbit, elephant and bear.  Toys measure 6 Inches for Small 9 Inches -Large Out of Stock Please let us choose which animal due to stock could be pastel colors or originals
Baby Pulleez Bunny Toy - Blue
Baby Pulleez Bunny Toy - Blue $9.99
Baby Pulleez Bunny Dog Toy - Blue These plush pals are action packed with arms that pull through the body and six exciting squeakers! The interactive nature of the loveable Pulleez Collection will thrill your canine!
Bachs Rescue Remedy Pet
Bachs Rescue Remedy Pet from $19.99
Bach's Rescue Remedy Pet Bach Rescue Remedy Pet is a safe, gentle, all-natural form of healing that can reduce your pet's stress and help maintain control of their health. This alcohol-free variation of the Original Rescue Remedy is recommended for animals by veterinarians worldwide as an emergency remedy to help calm pets in all kinds of stressful situations, and is suitable for cats, dogs, horses, and birds. Rescue Remedy is the most famous of the remedies. In fact, it is not a remedy at all, but rather a mix of five different remedies (Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem) which together help restore emotional balance whenever your pet is under pressure and needs help overcoming a variety of emotional or behavioral problems. Appropriate usage times include:*Visits to the vet or groomer*Stress caused by loud noises*Excessive barking or hissing caused by stress*After a shock, fright, or mistreatment*Loss of companion*Separation anxiety*Adapting to new surroundings Comes in 10ml Bottle or 20ml with attached Eyedropper
Barrette Bones
Barrette Bones $2.99
Barrette 30mm Dog Hair Bone Barrette Single Petite Bone barrette in colors to match your pet’s wardrobe. These adorable dog hair barrettes are perfect for little dogs. Add them to any outfit for added cuteness.
Biker Harness Dress
Biker Harness Dress $24.99
Biker Dog Harness Dress Introducing the Biker Harness Dress for your favorite pup! This one-of-a-kind design is crafted of soft, attractive fabric with a secure harness built right in for added safety. Its eye-catching look is sure to turn heads on the street. Make your pup feel stylish and secure with the Biker Harness Dress! Each dress has embroidered rose tattoo and lace details and a skull and crossbones charm.   Heavy duty stitching and metal hardware make these harnesses fashionable and functional.   Velcro closure. In sizes: Teacups (dogs <2 lbs. ), XXS (dogs 2-5 lbs. ), XS (dogs 5-10 lbs. ), Sm (dogs 10-25 lbs. ).
Biker Harness Dress Red Buffalo Plaid
Biker Harness Dress Red Buffalo Plaid from $19.99
Biker Harness Dog Dress - Red Buffalo Plaid The Biker Harness Dress Red Buffalo Plaid will have your pup turning heads! This stylish, comfortable dress is made with soft fabric and features buckle harness straps for extra durability. Stand out from the crowd and show off your pooch's style. This is not for the shy and timid type. These fashionable, fun and cute biker dresses are a top seller. It's an outfit and walking harness all in one! What more could you want? Give your sweetie a little edge while walking down the street in this cool biker dress.Sizing: Teacup Back Length: 6.5 inches Chest: 9-11 inches (Most Important) Neck: 6-8 inches XX-Small Back Length: 8 inches Chest: 12-14 inches (Most Important) Neck: 9-11 inches X-Small Back Length: 9 inches Chest: 15-17 inches (Most Important) Neck: 12-14 inches Small Back Length: 12 inches Chest Length: 18-20 inches Neck: 15-17 inches  
Biker Harness Vest
Biker Harness Vest $24.99
Biker Dog Harness Vest Each vest has embroidered barbed wire details and a skull crossbones charm. Heavy duty stitching and metal hardware make these harnesses fashionable and functional. Velcro closure. In sizes: Teacups (dogs <2 lbs), XXS (dogs 2-5 lbs), XS (dogs 5-10 lbs), Sm (dogs 10-25 lbs).
Biker Harness Vest Wild Dawgs
Biker Harness Vest Wild Dawgs from $19.99
Biker Harness Vest - Wild Dawgs Give your sweetie a little edge while walking down the street. Always a crowd pleaser! Shower you pooch with all the extra attention these fun outfits will grab...or should we say demand!In sizes: Teacups (dogs <2 lbs), XXS (dogs 2-5 lbs), XS (dogs 5-10 lbs), Sm (dogs 10-25 lbs).
Birthday Cake Singing Plush Toy
Birthday Cake Singing Plush Toy $14.99
Birthday Cake Singing Plush Toy Birthday Cake, Singing Plush Toy Happy Birthday to You is sung more than any other song in the world. Our 6 inch plush cake plays the birthday song melody. Golden yellow cake with white icing sports six colorful candles.
Birthday Hat
Birthday Hat from $6.99
Dog Birthday Hat Celebrate your pup's big day with this adorable Birthday Hat! Perfectly designed to fit their head, you'll love watching your pup strut their stuff in style! Party Hats Your pooch won’t go unnoticed at her next soirée if she’s dressed to impress in our spangled Party Hat. Available in Blue or Pink
Bling Blinkers
Bling Bling Blinkers $5.99
Bling Bling Blinkers Bling Bling Blinkers - for safety...for fun...for people...for pets. Protect your pooch! Do it with style. Be safe, be seen. Bright LED visible for up to 1/2 mile. Red Blinker (red/white/blue light), Pink Blinker (jade/pink light) and Blue Blinker (blue/white light)----------Assorted
Bone Hair Barrette
Bone Hair Barrette $10.00
Bone Dog Hair Barrette This hair clip dog barrette is Rhodium-plated and encrusted with preciosa crystals. These hair clips have a clip component allowing you to squeeze the clip for easy release. This is perfect for all pampered dogs with long hair. Blue Only, No Pink left
Cat Dreams DVD for Cats
Cat Dreams DVD for Cats $14.99
GoCat Cat Dreams DVD for Cats Video and audio footage that cats can't resist!  Need to go somewhere?  Now you can keep your cats content with the Cat Dreams Dvd for cats. Packaging may be one or the other- still the same DVD.
Catnip Crinkles
Catnip Crinkles $4.99
Catnip Crinkles With our Catnip Crinkles, your cat will bat, pat, and swat away at our bees, bugs, and dragonfly’s trusty crinkle paper that’ll drive your cat wild. Assorted
Catnip Plaque Away Pretzel Toy
Catnip Plaque Away Pretzel Toy $9.99
Catnip Plaque Away Pretzel Toy Catnip Plaque Away Pretzel clean teeth and massage gums to improve your cat’s dental health! Durable netting won’t unravel no matter how hard your kitty chews. Catnip entices their sense of smell while fibrous catnip stalks satisfy the urge to crunch and chew. Knotted streamers flip and flop all over the place, making them bonkers for this fun toy! Unique netting flosses teeth and helps remove soft tartar as kitty chews Contains catnip to attract and keep kitty’s attention Great to bat and carry
Catnip Unicorn Toy
Catnip Unicorn Toy $6.99
Catnip Unicorn Toy Unicorns are cute, colorful, plush cat toys that contain catnip. Their curly, dangly tails and glitter spots will attract and entice cats. From horn to tail, these toys are six inches long and are available in multiple colors.  Toy size is 4 inches . Ships Assorted- Please let us choose which color due to current stock.
Chicks Love
Chicks Love Me $19.99 $25.99
Chicks Love Me Dog Shirt Start a conversation with this stylish Chicks Love Me Dog Shirt! Made with a lightweight and breathable fabric, this classic tee is perfect for any pup with a playful personality. Capture your pup's heart and show off their playful side. Available in Size Small (6-8 lbs.).  Super soft and comfortable cotton with a hint of lycra. Machine washable. Made in the U.S.A.
Christmas Party Collars
Christmas Party Collars $11.99
Christmas Party Collars Red and green chiffon collar with red and green bells. Uses an elastic band to fit snuggly on your pooch. Sizes: XSmall 8 inches, Small 10 inches, Medium 12 inches, Large 14 inches, XLarge 16 inches, and XXLarge 20 inches 
Clover Holiday Party Collars
Clover Holiday Party Collars $11.99
Clover Holiday Party Collars Holiday Party Collars - It's Party Time! St. Patty’s Party Collars feature colorful Taffeta with loads of festive clovers. Holiday Party collars have elastic bands to fit any size pet.
Conversation Heart Party Collar
Conversation Heart Party Collar $11.99
CONVERSATION HEARTS PARTY COLLAR Outfit your canine in a festive Party Collar for every holiday! Each hand-crafted Seasonal Party Collar consists of brightly colored chiffon ribbons with shiny holiday motifs, all attached around a fully wrapped elastic collar that fits snugly around your pooch’s neck. Your pet will be dressed to the nines for any special occasion! Sizes: XSmall 8 inches  Small 10 inches   Medium 12 inches   Large 14 inches   XLarge 16 inches XXLarge 20 inches 
Cuddle Pal - Sloth
Cuddle Pal - Sloth $11.99
Cuddle Pal - Sloth Sloth Cuddle Pal provides soothing comfort when your pup has to be away from its pack! The soft, cozy shape can be cuddled for comfort when sleeping or stressed. Buckwheat packet inside can be microwaved to provide warmth. It’s machine washable too!  Can be microwaved to provide warmth Plush shell can be machine washed Directions for use: Microwave product on HIGH setting for 30 seconds. Remove and place with dog. To wash, remove warming packet from inside of product and machine wash outside shell only. Dry completely. 
Cuddle Pal - Unicorn
Cuddle Pal - Unicorn $11.99
Cuddle Pal - Unicorn WARMTH THAT SOOTHES: If your kitten or cat has separation anxiety, the Nighttime Cuddle Toy is a great choice to help reduce their stress and help them sleep. Just place the buckwheat filled pouch in the microwave- once warmed, seal back into the Cuddle Pal for comforting warmth. FILLED WITH BUCKWHEAT: A removable pouch on this microwaveable cuddle cat toy can easily be placed in your microwave and is filled with buckwheat for more natural comfort. MACHINE WASHABLE: To wash your kitty’s Cuddle Toy, simply remove the buckwheat pouch and place the shell in your washing machine for cleaner cuddle time. PRODUCT SPECS Filled with buckwheat Warming insert heats in microwave Helps distract and de-stress Soothes tension Product Dimensions: 11 inches  x 5.5 inches  x 3.75 inches 
Designer Life Jacket - Pink
Designer Life Jacket - Pink from $31.99
Designer Dog Life Jacket Life Jackets provide ultimate buoyancy and high visibility to keep pets safe on the water. These dog life jackets are constructed of durable non-chafing materials to provide the highest levels of buoyancy and all-day comfort. XXS: Up to 6 lbs. XS: 7-15 lbs. S: 15-20 lbs M: 20-50 lbs L: 50-90 lbs
Doggie Walk Bags
Doggie Walk Bags $11.99
Doggie Walk Waste Bags A box of 70 Doggie Walk Bags, folded tissue-style to pop out of the top when one is pulled. Baby powder scented, opaque and odor neutralizing, and tie handles. Great for a single bag in your pocket or tying to your leash.