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Pet Passport
Pet Passport $11.99 $14.99
Wag N Pet Passport The Most Comprehensive Pet Record keeping Booklet Available. The Pet Passport from Wag N is the perfect way to travel with your pet! Keep your furry pal safe and secure with the latest in pet passport technology. Whether you're jet-setting across the country or just running down the street, rest assured that your pet is in good hands. Go forth and explore with the Wag N Pet Passport! 32 Page Trilingual Format, Pet Ownership Information, Pet ID Microchip Documentation, Pet Allergy Section, Animal Blood Type Section, Surgery Documentation, and much more. Dog Passport Available
Petmate Airline Travel Kit
Petmate Airline Travel Kit $24.99
Petmate Airline Pet Travel Kit The Petmate Airline Travel Kit has everything you need to ensure safe travels for your pet. Includes portable food and water cups, live animal stickers, pet ID labels and an absorbent, disposable kennel floor liner. Food cups hook onto wire kennel doors while the floor liner can be cut down to fit any size kennel. Fill in your pet’s information on the ID label and affix to your pet’s kennel when travelling for easy identification. Deluxe includes spill resistant food & water cup, absorbent pad, nuts & bolts, 2 live animal ID labels, temporary pet ID tag, 12 zip ties, & shipping identification sticker with fields for important details including veterinary & pet owner information Many airlines do not accept crates with plastic nuts/bolts or pegs that hold the top and bottom together. The Deluxe kit includes metal nuts/bolts to modify your kennel Great for easy identification Everything you need for safe travels What's Included Spill-resistant food & water cup, absorbent kennel pad, (2) LIVE ANIMALS stickers, temporary Pet ID tag, shipping identification sticker, (12) zip ties, (12) 1 1/4 inch bolts, (5) 1 3/4 inch bolts, (5) 1 inch bolts, (12) washers, (12) nuts.