Dog Nail Polish - Warren London
Dog Nail Polish - Warren London $7.99
 Nail Polish - Warren London Transform your pup's paws into works of art with Dog Nail Polish by Warren London. Make your furry friend stand out with vibrant colors and long-lasting formula that will last through all their adventures. Keep their nails looking paw-fect and let their personality shine! Groomer recommended quick-dry polish that is easy to apply and easy to remove with non-acetone polish remover. Quick Dry & Easy Application - Shake well before using. Unscrew cap, and coat brush tip with polish before applying paint on dog's nail. Easy To Remove with Warren London Dog Nail Polish Remover or any non-acetone polish remover. Pet Groomer Quality - The perfect finishing step to a High End Pet Grooming Visit. Don't settle for just a trim with the Nail File, Dog Nail Grinder, or Dog Nail Clippers when you can give your furry friend this great style choice. The Ultimate In Dog Accessories - Color coordinate with your favorite pets shirt, collar, leash, pet costume, fur coloring or hair dye. Great gift idea for any occasion or just when stocking up on new puppy supplies. Works on large and small breed dogs, puppies, even a little cat or piggy.
Espree Baby Powder Pet Cologne
Espree Baby Powder Pet Cologne $14.99
Espree Baby Powder Cologne Pet Spray As sweet as puppies and kittens are, they can be little stinkers…literally. Our Espree Puppy & Kitten Baby Powder Cologne naturally neutralizes odors, conditions coats and leaves a long lasting fragrance. Long lasting fragranceNeutralizes odorConditions coats Ingredients:Purified Water, Alcohol, Humectant, Emulsifiers, Aloe Vera Juice, Fragrance, Odor Neutralizer  Directions:Spray and massage cologne into your pet’s coat and allow it to dry naturally. 
Espree Blueberry Bliss Dog Shampoo
Espree Blueberry Bliss Dog Shampoo $19.99
Espree Blueberry Bliss Dog Shampoo Indulge your furry friend with the refreshing scent of blueberries and the nourishing formula of Espree Blueberry Bliss Dog Shampoo. This shampoo will leave your dog's coat soft, shiny, and smelling delicious. Pamper your pet and give them the spa treatment they deserve! Perfect for coat brightening, cleansing, and the neutralizing of excessive oils, Espree Blueberry Bliss Shampoo is a full-body shampoo that's perfect for regular use.
Feeling Flaky Dog Shampoo
Feeling Flaky Dog Shampoo $14.99 $19.99
Pet Head Feeling Flaky Dog Shampoo  Experience the power of Pet Head Feeling Flaky Dog Shampoo! Let our luxurious formula soothe and nourish your pup's skin, leaving behind a soft and shiny coat. Say goodbye to flakiness and hello to a pampered pooch with our gentle, yet effective dog shampoo. 16 oz. Strawberry YogurtChase away those flakes and start looking fabulous!This rehydrating formula helps dry, patchy skin. Relieves dryness and restores natural luster. Recommended for pets with sensitive skin. Yucca & Chamomile Extracts and Silk Proteins: Work together to soothe and nourish the skin, leave the coat toned and conditioned.Shea Butter and Vitamins: Prevent dryness while revitalizing and moisturizing the skin.All Pet Head formulas are pH adjusted and free of paraben, petroleum derivatives, sulfate and DEA.
Foldable Grooming Bathtub
Foldable Grooming Bathtub $89.99
Foldable Bathtub Easily wash your pet in this wear-resistant, easy-to-clean bathtub that gives you 360 degrees access to your four-legged companion. Soap up your pet with shampoo and store it in the side pockets. And when bath time is over, let the water drain out into a bucket or larger tub with the included drain hose. Then, simply fold up the bathtub and store it for later.  Superb 360 degrees accessibility – Easily enabling you to wash your pet from any angle • Easy assembly – Attach the legs to the frame and you’re ready to get started in no time at all • Keeps pet in place – Includes a safety harness that prevents your pet from falling out the tub • Great elevation – Groom and wash your pet at the perfect height without kneeling or crouching down • Indoor or outdoor use – The lightweight design makes it easy to set up the tub anywhere inside or outside your home. • Dimensions: 19 inches l x 36 inches w x 32 inches h • Weight: 14 lb. This item cannot be shipped internationally-sorry
Fresh Pet Cologne Mist
Fresh Pet Cologne Mist $11.99
Fresh Pet Cologne Mist 8-Ounce Helps control pet odors between shampoos Spritz on a pet’s coat as a finishing touch for just-groomed animals Perfect for at-home use Leaves coats a fresh, clean scent that lasts for weeks
Fursions Pet Colognes
Fursions Pet Colognes $14.99
Top Performance Fursions Colognes - Pet Colognes Top Performance Fursions dog colognes are available in a variety of appealing scents that are patterned after popular designer fragrances. Each dog cologne is available in an 8 oz bottle. Ingredients: SD Alcohol, Purified Water, and Fragrance
GripSoft Pin Brush for Pets
GripSoft Pin Brush for Pets $9.99
GripSoft Pin Brush Transform your pet's grooming routine with the GripSoft Pin Brush! The sturdy grip handle allows for comfortable and controlled brushing, while the gentle pins effectively detangle and remove loose fur. Pamper your pet while keeping their coat healthy and shiny. Sturdy wire pins help untangle mats and snarls. Great for daily brushing of any dog or cat. 10 inches 
Grooming Color Creme Chalk Pens
Grooming Color Creme Chalk Pens $29.99
Color Creme Chalk Pens Color Creme Chalk Pens are the best way to get all the color you need without the mess and commitment! These easy-to-use creme pens are self-sealing, dry fast and wash out easily when you are ready for a change of color. Apply on long strands for bold color, tips of bangs, braids, mohawks, highlight top-knots, tails, ears and more. Includes Pink, Blue, Yellow, Red, Purple and Green.
Hydrating Butter For Skin & Coat by Warren London
Hydrating Butter For Skin & Coat by Warren London $14.99
Leave In Conditioner for Dogs Hydrating Butter from Warren London is a leave-in conditioner that is a non-oily intense hydrating treatment for silky smooth skin and coat. The extract used is a natural humectant that moisturizes and adds vital nutrients with a soothing scent. This is the only patented formula that releases moisturizing emollients every 2 hours for a 24 hour hydration. • All natural leave-in conditioner• Gets rid of any dryness or flaking• Adds a nice shine to the coat• Amazing scent! Guava & Mangostein
Ikaria Pet Shampoo
Ikaria Pet Shampoo $19.99
Ikaria Pet Grooming Shampoos 16oz Our Ikaria Pet Grooming Shampoo has been reformulated with high-quality conditioning agents for a richer spa-like effect. Now in five formulas designed to give pets the ultimate grooming experience. Our popular Ikaria Pet Grooming Shampoos have been reformulated with richer and more luxurious ingredients to pamper pets. These spa inspired grooming shampoos are made with natural botanicals for a rich, restorative cleaning experience. •Refresh Shampoo is our signature everyday formula that leaves a long-lasting grapefruit thyme scent. •Retreat Shampoo is a tearless and hypoallergenic formula with calming soft rose and sweet milk proteins •Comfort Oatmeal Shampoo has soothing ingredients that comfort and calm, dry itchy skin. •Renew Shampoo helps neutralize naturally occurring pet odors. •Enlighten Shampoo naturally whitens, brightens, and conditions light-colored coats. Safe for puppies and kittens over 8 weeks old.
Ikaria Seasons Scents Pet Colognes
Ikaria Seasons Scents Pet Colognes $14.99
Ikaria Seasons Scents Pet Colognes Enjoy the long-lasting fragrance of ikaria Seasons Scents Pet Colognes for holidays, special occasions, or year-round indulgence. Seasonal favorite scents are a delight to the senses. These luxurious mindfully-formulated colognes gives pet's coats a fresh, clean scent that lasts for weeks and helps control odors between baths.    Seasons Scents • Secret Santa - (Christmas Spice) • Woodland Adventure - Outdoor (Amber) • Ciderhouse Pumpkin - (Pumpkin Spice & Apple) Directions for Use: Mist pet lightly. Avoid gentle areas and face, especially eyes. Safe for dogs and cats over 12 weeks old. Size: 8.5oz spray. Ingredients: Purified Water, Perfumer's Alcohol, Phthalate Free Fragrance, Sunflower Oil Caution: For external use only. Do not allow pets to ingest. Avoid contact with pets’ eyes. If contact occurs, rinse well with fresh water.
Lavender Essential Oil Gift Set
Lavender Essential Oil Gift Set $99.00
Lavender Essential Oil Gift Set Award-winning Dog Fashion Spa wash sponge with essential oil of lavender, matching lavender coat freshener and Dog Fashion Spa Essential Calming Oils for dog relaxation in a luxury silver gift bag with silver glitter. Discover Dog Fashion Spa natural soap-infused wash sponge, capturing the essence of Quality Life for Dogs and featuring essential oil of lavender famous for its calming, antiseptic and bug deterrent benefits for dogs. Lavender essential oil helps naturally relax and calm your dog, disinfects the skin, diminishes hair loss and leaves the dog happy and refreshed.Lavender oil also helps ward off fleas and mosquitoes naturally and calm dog’s skin after bug bites. Dog parents: wet the coat with warm water and rub the sponge on the coat. leather and massage the dog for 2 minutes to allow essential oil do its wonders. rinse well and repeat if needed. Use Dog Fashion Spa lavender coat spray to help your dog smell great in between baths and benefit from lavender and eucalyptus essential oil. made in the U.K. Dog Fashion Spa essential calming oils have been developed by leading experts in canine aromatherapy to naturally help relax and calm uneasy dogs. * Bergamot oil eases stress, tension, and fears* Tangerine peel helps relax the dog* Lavender flowers have instant calming and relaxation effects on dogs* Ginger root helps nervous dogs' upset stomachs* Rose geranium promotes stability and balance* Ylang ylang flowers temper dog fear, anger, and jealousy * Marjoram leaf brings warming effects, cools down the sensations, relieves dog anxiety and tension, and helps relax dog's muscles Dog parents: apply this blend of precious oils to your fingers and gently massage inside the dog's ears. Must have for uneasy/anxious dogs. Essential for dogs who travel. Try using the oils on yourself to relax with your dog! Formulated with: pure essential oils of bergamot and tangerine peel, lavender flower, ginger root, rose geranium, ylang ylang flower, and marjoram leaf mixed with liquid coconut oil Made in the U.S.A. 0.35oz
Male Holiday Cologne Gift Set
Male Holiday Cologne Gift Set $59.99
Male Dog Holiday Grooming Gift Pack Incredible gift for a male dog for Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day or Dog Birthday. Made for the man of the house, Maschio is an exciting dog fragrance that captures the essence of Quality Life for Dogs  with its powerful mix of style, excitement, and male sensuality. Inspired by the energy of New York City, Maschio embodies the ultimate expression of masculinity in an aura of marine notes, woods, herbs, and fruits. Find out why dog parent can't stop talking about this fragrance that creates a feeling of relaxed sophistication and understated luxury. Impeccably attired in a bottle inspired by classic American glamour - an ultimate expression of personal luxury. Notes: lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, lavender, marine accord, amber, musk. Style: masculine. confident. modern. Dog parents: spray on the withers, away from the dog’s face and he will smell fantastic for hours. Made in the U.S.A. 50ml
Master Equipment Small Pet Grooming Table
Master Equipment Small Pet Grooming Table $119.99
Master Equipment Small Pet Grooming Table A great grooming table for any beginner grooming done at home or any small business. Pet Grooming Table offers great control and saves steps by rotating as you work; the dog’s weight anchors the table at the desired rotation. This must-have Small Pet Grooming Table Includes An easy-clean, non-slip, 18 inches diameter tabletop A ¾ inches square-tube grooming arm extending from 16¼ inches to 23½ inches  A coordinating-color grooming loop Rubber feet that keep the table in place Blue, purple, or black hammertone powder-coated metal coordinates with other equipment in the line Can be used on any flat surface Care: Wipe clean with damp cloth.
Mellow Mutt and Meow Pet Shampoo
Mellow Mutt and Meow Pet Shampoo $14.99
Mellow Mutt and Meow Pet Shampoo 17oz Mellow Mutt and Meow Pet Shampoo with its lemongrass extracts will have a calming effect on your pet. This antimicrobial and anti-fungal formulation will help restore unhealthy skin while repelling insects. For use on dogs and cats. For external use only. Keep out of eyes. For use on 12 weeks or older dogs, cats.  Pet shampoo shouldn't just smell good, it needs to work good too. KENIC Pet Care Products has been detergent and soap free since the beginning, before it was cool.  As with all KENIC Shampoos, KENIC Mellow Mutt and Meow Pet Shampoo is soap and detergent free. It may be used on pets that use topical flea preventatives. KENIC Retro Mellow Mutt and Meow Shampoo is for use on dog, cats, ferrets and rabbits at least 12 weeks of age. Keep this and all pet products out of the reach of children. KENIC Retro is eco-friendly, our packaging is recyclable. KENIC Retro is animal friendly and does not promote testing on animals. DIRECTIONS: Wet coat with warm water. Pour KENIC Mellow Mutt and Meow Pet Shampoo along pet's back and work into a rich lather from head to hindquarters. Add more shampoo if necessary. Let stand approximately five minutes, then rinse thoroughly until water is free of suds. For best results, repeat process. INGREDIENTS: Deionized water, surfactant blend (coconut shampoo base) almond oil, vitamins , glycerin (soothes the skin), EDGS, glyceryl stearate (emulsifies, makes foam and conditions) EDTA (sequestrant),Plumeria, silk proteins.