Milk Carton - Cardboard Box Cat Playhouse
Milk Carton - Cardboard Box Cat Playhouse $39.99
Milk Carton Cat Playhouse What feline doesn’t appreciate a nice saucer of milk? Perhaps he’d like to pour it himself. This oversized milk-container-shaped cardboard box toy for box-loving cats makes for fun piece of cat furniture. It is easily enjoyed on its side as well as in an upright position. And if the cat likes a good chuckle, perhaps he’ll enjoy the little bit of kitty humor on the carton, too. Assembled, the Mega Milk Carton is approximately 26 inches tall and 12.5 inches wide and deep. Holes are approximately 6.5 inches in diameter. Mega Milk Carton cat playhouse is cat-safe, imprinted with soy-based, human-grade inks. It's also an eco-friendly product, made of recycled cardboard. This product is made in the USA. *NOTE: THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT HAVE RETAIL PACKAGING AND ARRIVES ASSEMBLED.Made in United States Cannot be shipped internationally - sorry
Mushroom Cat Tree
Mushroom Cat Tree $249.99
Mushroom Cat Tree The Wonderland Mushroom cat tree is a whimsical and fun cat tree we designed for cat owners who like a pop of color in their home. Featuring a plush flower perch, cute soft butterfly cradle perch, mushroom condo with plush cushion, 2 stem scratching posts made of 100% natural sisal rope, a scratching pad also made of natural sisal and 4 bug toys. Your cat will love this garden inspired tree. DIMENSIONS: 19.7 inches L x 19.7 inches W x 31.1 inches H 23lbs. This product cannot be shipped internationally
Obstacle Travel Cat House
Obstacle Travel Cat House $69.99
Obstacle Travel House for Cats Kitty-Play obstacle soft folding travel sturdy collapsible folding pet cat House is constructed with durable PU coated Polyester and mesh netting all around for breathability with added lightweight metal poles for added durability. The Kitty-Play cat house features four pass-through entrances at the bottom with dual mezzanine holes for climb through passage. Easy to install and setup. Great for interactive fun and brain activity development. Heavy enough to hold over 120 Lbs. of weight, and light and small enough to travel and setup. Easier for storage and a simpler alternative to those bulkier conventional heavier cat houses. Features multiple tunnels located at the interior, great for multiple cats.  SIZING MEASUREMENTS (INCHES) LxWxH: 27.16 x 14.17x 27.16 A fun and engaging obstacle cat house great for multiple petsFeatures multiple cat entrances and lounging areasConstructed nice and sturdy with durable metal frames disassembles, the perfect alternative to the bulkier and heavier conventional cat houses while taking up little-to-no storage space
Play Spaces Cat Camper
Play Spaces Cat Camper $24.99
Play Spaces Cat Camper The Play Spaces Cat Camper is a fun and spacious hideout for curious cats. It's a cozy, durable place for your pet to explore, scratch, and nap. The cat camper provides a safe spot for cats to enjoy. Let the exploration begin! One-piece, pop-up design for easy assembly. Attached crinkle, dangle toy filled with KONG North American Premium Catnip. Peek-A-Boo sunroof opening and roll-up door. Camper opens to approximately 21 x 14 x 14 inches and collapses for storage.
Pumpkin Cat Scratcher House
Pumpkin Cat Scratcher House from $14.99
Pumpkin Cat Scratcher House We all know cats love boxes and they love to scratch them up. This autumn season give them a gift that combines both those loves with your love of Halloween!! This Halloween Pumpkin Cat Scratcher House features a hanging mouse toy and a removable/replaceable scratchpad. Sprinkle the included packet of natural catnip on the scratcher pad and your kitty will get spooky wild! This will quickly become your cat's favorite place to sleep, hide, and play!  Overall size: 18.75 inches x 12 inches x 16 inches (47.625 x 30.48 x 40.64cm) - Entrance hole: 12 inches x 6 inches (30.48cm x 15.24cm) - Refill scratcher pads are available too  Ships flat, easy assembly required
Rainbow Cat Scratcher
Rainbow Cat Scratcher $45.00
Rainbow Cat Scratcher Cat Scratch Rainbow will cheer up any sourpuss! A rainbow-shaped scratch toy they can really get their claws into, and the fun shape makes it a great toy for stretching, scratching and playing on. Made from tough, corrugated cardboard this interactive cat toy encourages exercise in a fun way and helps to keep claws strong healthy and away from your sofa! Suitable for cats of all ages, Cat Scratch Rainbow delivers maximum fun; forget catnip and send your cat somewhere over this rainbow instead. If you don’t want large, unsightly scratch toys littering up your home, Cat Scratch Rainbow is a purrrrfect scratch post alternative that will brighten up any cat playpen.
Royal Cat Scratcher Sofa
Royal Cat Scratcher Sofa $45.00
Royal Cat Scratcher Sofa Cardboard Cat Couch Scratcher - Royal Cat Sofa with Catnip, Cardboard Cat Scratcher Lounge, Cat Scratcher Bed, Cat Scratch Pad, Fancy Cat Bed, Cat Scratchers for Indoor Cats, Cat Lover Gifts - Treat Your Cat Like Royalty! Highest Quality Thick Cardboard Cat Couch - 100% Recycled Honeycomb Mesh Cardboard Perfect for Small to Medium Sized Indoor Cats & Kittens (20 inches L X 10 inches W X 10 inches H) - Encourages Good Scratching Habits - Helps Keep Their Claws Tidy - Comes With 100% Pure Organic, Chemical-Free Catnip The Royal Cat Scratcher Sofa by Pets Rule provides endless hours of scratching fun, and a cozy place to relax! This premium cardboard cat scratcher couch encourages good scratching habits and helps keep their claws tidy. Is your cat scratching your furniture, doors, bed and chairs? Well, they're trying to tell you: I want my own couch!
Sunflower Cat Tree
Sunflower Cat Tree $164.99
Sunflower Cat Tree Your cat will love playing and lounging in its own sunflower garden! One sunflower is the perfect high perch and the other is tilted just right, with a scratch pad in the center. Includes 3 twine covered poles and 1 attached pom-pom toy. Assembly required. 19 inches l x 19 inches w x 36 inches h.
Sunflower Scratching Post
Sunflower Scratching Post $49.99
Sunflower Cat Scratching Post The Sunflower Shaped Cat Scratching Post helps answer cats' natural instinct to scratch while saving home furnishings. Cat scratcher is made of felt, rope, and artificial turf. With its whimsical design, scratching post can fit in with any decor. Comes packaged in a sturdy box. Some assembly required, hardware included. Flower post measures approximately 18 inches x15 inches x12 inches.