Royal Cat Scratcher Sofa

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Royal Cat Scratcher Sofa

Cardboard Cat Couch Scratcher - Royal Cat Sofa with Catnip, Cardboard Cat Scratcher Lounge, Cat Scratcher Bed, Cat Scratch Pad, Fancy Cat Bed, Cat Scratchers for Indoor Cats, Cat Lover Gifts - Treat Your Cat Like Royalty!

Highest Quality Thick Cardboard Cat Couch - 100% Recycled Honeycomb Mesh Cardboard Perfect for Small to Medium Sized Indoor Cats & Kittens (20 inches L X 10 inches W X 10 inches H) - Encourages Good Scratching Habits - Helps Keep Their Claws Tidy - Comes With 100% Pure Organic,

Chemical-Free Catnip The Royal Cat Scratcher Sofa by Pets Rule provides endless hours of scratching fun, and a cozy place to relax! This premium cardboard cat scratcher couch encourages good scratching habits and helps keep their claws tidy. Is your cat scratching your furniture, doors, bed and chairs? Well, they're trying to tell you: I want my own couch!

The Royal Cat Scratcher Sofa was made with pets in mind. Something to keep everyone happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: Dec 04, 2022