Wakey Wakey Pet Pajama


Wakey Wakey Pet Pajama


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Product description

Wakey Wakey Pet Pajama

Rise and shine, furry friends! These Wakey Wakey Pet Pajamas are designed to keep your pet cozy and stylish all night long. With a comfortable fit and adorable design, your pet will be dreaming peacefully and waking up feeling refreshed. Let your pet join in on the sweetest slumber with these pajamas.

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up each day to wakey wakey, i've made you a nice breakfast spread. but it's probably you waking your pup up with its breakfast instead. 

One size 4 available-

Size 4: collar: 16.5-16.9 in.

Underarm: 22.4-22.8 in.

Length: 16.1-16.5 in.

Underside length: 11-11.4 in

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