Tan French Bulldog Urn


Wood Type

Maple Oak Walnut

Tan French Bulldog Urn


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Wood Type

Maple Oak Walnut
Product description


Our most popular urn is our Figurine Urn, made from solid hardwood.
(Available in maple, oak, or walnut).
This urn comes with a Tan French Bulldog which can be attached to our beautiful wood urn bases with glue.
This urn also includes your personal (2 LINE) inscription on a premium leaded brass nameplate.
Pet's bagged ashes are installed through removable bottom which is secured with screws, providing tamper resistant protection.

Please understand that we attach the figurines for the picture so their faces are looking forward.
The positioning shown here was chosen by the photographer to best reveal the shape of the figurine and is not necessarily the way you need to attach the figurine.
Figurines are shipped unattached to avoid damage to breed. Simple dab of superglue can be put on each foot of dog to attach to urn if desired.

Small 7.75 inches x 6 inches x 2.75 inches 0-45 lb. pets

Medium 7.75 inches x 6 inches x 3.75 inches 46-70 lb. pets



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