Short Hair Cat Urn


Short Hair Cat Urn


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Product description

Short Hair Cat Urn - Shadowcast

Shadow Casts bronze short haired cat urns are truly magnificent works of art, painstakingly crafted to capture the essence of each represented breed in unsurpassed style, class, and quality. Our short haired cats are tastefully designed and developed to be both elegant and functional. These urns are made of resin.

Our bronze cat urns make for beautiful decor, as they will attractively accent your home or office while wonderfully showcasing a favorite feline. Shadow Casts exquisite bronze animal figurine urns are fashioned with a 4 inches metal plug, which enables them to easily function as cremation urns.

Shadow Casts bronze short hair cat statues are the ultimate pet tribute, intended only for use indoors, and made to provide a lifetime of memories and service. Your cat deserves the best, so honor them with Shadow Cast for the rest of their life!

Approximate dimensions: 17.5 inches x 11.3 inches  x 9.75 inches tall
Capacity:48 ci.

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