Pupcake Perfume - Lemon Meringue


Pupcake Perfume - Lemon Meringue


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Product description

Pupcake Dog Perfume - Lemon Meringue

Pupcake Perfume's Lemon Meringue scent is a timeless classic that will rival Grandma Betty's pies, and make your dog absolutely kissable with this scrumpcious smell!
Lemon Meringue is an all natural scent made with essential oils.

The lovely fragrance comes in a 1 ounce glass perfume bottle, complete with an adorable floral clip for your pup!
Please test a small area of pet’s skin before spraying over entire body. Do not spray in eyes or sensitive areas.

  • Light conditioning fractionated coconut base
  • Human-Grade Fragrance
  • Lasts up to 2 days
  • Comes with flower hair clip
  • Made in the USA.

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