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GPS Pet Finder


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Product description

GPS Pet Finder

Make sure your pet is always safe with our GPS Pet Finder! This reliable device lets you easily locate your pet anytime, anywhere. With its GPS and wireless connectivity, rest assured that you will easily find your pet. Keep your furry friend safe with our GPS Pet Finder!

GPS Pet Finder helps you locate your missing pet! Can also be used for keys and wallets.  Features listed below
  • Compact and Light Design

  • Low Energy Consumption Anti-Lost Alarm

  • Have you ever lost your pet and couldn't locate them?

  • Our Gadgets Locates Where they were last to the nearest Street and then give you signal strength Guiding you to your lost pet!! 

  • Ringing Noise until you locate your pet if nearby !!!

  • Never Loose Your Keys/Wallet/Phone or PET again!

  • Reminder - You can be alerted by an audible beep either through smartphone or Bluetooth Smart Tag, whenever both devices are separated at a pre-programmed distance.

  • Multi-Task - You can control 20 Bluetooth Smart Tags through the App, and keep track of 6 Bluetooth Smart Tags online at one time.

  • Trace last location - You can trace last location of your pet or valuable through the Finder App Map when the Bluetooth Smart Tag disconnects from its pairing with the controlling smartphone.

  • Network Helper - Other Finder App users can help finding your pet or personal stuff! Every smartphone installed with the Finder App becomes a possible search node to track your pets or valuables with the Bluetooth Smart Tag on it.

  • Support find Phone Function and Voice Recording Function

  • Support Bluetooth 4.0 and The effective Range is up to 25m

  • Track your car on Parking Lot and Retrieve your lost items

  • Suitable for Wallet, Car, Kids, Pets, Bags, Suitcase or other belongings

  • Works as a remote Shutter for Self Portrait, Capture the Valuable Moment Easily

  • Compatible for IOS or Android Smartphone

  • Colors: White,Pink,Black,Blue

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