GPS Pet Finder

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GPS Pet Finder

GPS Pet Finder helps you locate your missing pet! Can also be used for keys and wallets.  Features listed below
  • Compact and Light Design

  • Low Energy Consumption Anti-Lost Alarm

  • Have you ever lost your pet and couldn't locate them?

  • Our Gadgets Locates Where they were last to the nearest Street and then give you signal strength Guiding you to your lost pet!! 

  • Ringing Noise until you locate your pet if nearby !!!

  • Never Loose Your Keys/Wallet/Phone or PET again!

  • Reminder - You can be alerted by an audible beep either through smartphone or Bluetooth Smart Tag, whenever both devices are separated at a pre-programmed distance.

  • Multi-Task - You can control 20 Bluetooth Smart Tags through the App, and keep track of 6 Bluetooth Smart Tags online at one time.

  • Trace last location - You can trace last location of your pet or valuable through the Finder App Map when the Bluetooth Smart Tag disconnects from its pairing with the controlling smartphone.

  • Network Helper - Other Finder App users can help finding your pet or personal stuff! Every smartphone installed with the Finder App becomes a possible search node to track your pets or valuables with the Bluetooth Smart Tag on it.

  • Support find Phone Function and Voice Recording Function

  • Support Bluetooth 4.0 and The effective Range is up to 25m

  • Track your car on Parking Lot and Retrieve your lost items

  • Suitable for Wallet, Car, Kids, Pets, Bags, Suitcase or other belongings

  • Works as a remote Shutter for Self Portrait, Capture the Valuable Moment Easily

  • Compatible for IOS or Android Smartphone

  • Colors: White,Pink,Black,Blue

The GPS Pet Finder is a sensational pet favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: Apr 02, 2023