Farm Folks Dog Toy - Rabbit


Farm Folks Dog Toy - Rabbit


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Product description

Farm Folks - Rabbit Dog Toy

Introduce your furry friend to the fun of farm life with our Farm Folks Dog Toy - Rabbit! Made with durable materials, this toy will provide hours of entertainment for your dog while encouraging playtime and exercise. Bring the farm to your home and watch your dog's excitement grow with each play session!

Zanies Farm Folks Toys are great for tossing, tugging, and snuggling. 

  • Soft corduroy toys maximize playtime excitement of tossing, tugging, and toting
  • Soft tassels, squeaker, corduroy, and solid knots of twisted rope for textured chewing satisfaction
  • Long, pillow-shaped body is perfect for snuggling and resting chin and retains dog's natural scent to keep your pup coming back to it again and again
  • Responsive speaker for interactive play
  • Buy these gentle, dreamy-faced toys in bulk to save money and to create an irresistible in-store display 

Materials: Polyester, corduroy, rope, squeaker
Size: measures 13½ inches L

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