Edible Dog Card-Welcome To The Family


Edible Dog Card-Welcome To The Family


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Product description

Edible Bacon Welcome To The Family Card

This card is actually edible and made for your best friend. There are many names given to the fateful day your pooch joined your family. Some people like to call it a Gotcha Day, some like the term Homecoming day some go for Family Day and others use Adoption Day. Whatever you like to call it, we figured that this card captured the spirit of them all.

The Welcome to The Family edible card for dogs marks the day you started to make (mostly good) memories with your four-legged friend. Available in our mega-tasty bacon flavor and containing no Rawhide, these cards are vegan friendly, wheat and gluten free and all packaging is recyclable and biodegradable.

Bacon flavored, this card has been solely devised to be safe, fun and entertaining to both dogs and all the family.  Developed with some tasty flavors to trigger your doggies drool reflex and we even use packaging that won’t harm the planet. Cards are made with natural ingredients, are flavored, contain no rawhide and are jolly good fun too!

Cards are made with potato Starch, Water, Olive Oil, Soybean Oil, Canola Oil, flavored with food flavorings and colored with food colorants and are water soluble.

Because little pups might bite off more than they can chew sometimes, we recommend that Scoff Paper cards are suitable for dogs that are over six months old.

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