Cool Pup Crate Fan

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Cool Pup Crate Fan

These Cool Pup Crate Fans provide a refreshing airflow for pets wherever they travel, or while at home.

  • Retractable grip allows the fan to be hung on a cage, crate or pet carrier
  • Fans circulate the air, removing warm air from the cage interior, and can help to protect pet from overheating
  • Quiet, two-speed operation will not disturb pets
  • Includes a built-in thermometer to measure ambient temperature
  • Features a port to accommodate an AC/DC adapter (not included)

The standard Crate Fan features a built-in thermometer to measure ambient temperature, and a port to accommodate an AC/DC adapter (not included). The standard Crate Fan comes in Silver. An optional Cooling Cartridge features a freezer pack insert and snaps onto the front of either model fan to add extra cooling power for up to two hours.

A 6-Volt AC Adapter allows the fan to be plugged into an electrical outlet. Attractively packaged for resale.

Size: Measures 6¼ inches L x 2½ inches D x 8 inches H
Powered by four C batteries (not included)
Warranty: Manufacturer's Two Year Warranty

On the fence about this Cool Pup Crate Fan? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

Inventory Last Updated: Feb 04, 2023