Carnival Tent Pet Bed

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Carnival Tent Pet Bed

$129.99 $149.99 sale

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Product description

Carnival Tent Bed for small dogs/cats

Let your pet's imagination and playfulness take off with our Carnival Tent Pet Bed! The soft, cushiony fabric adds coziness and fun, while the unique, carnival-inspired design adds a sense of vibrant energy and excitement to your pet's favorite spot. Your furry friend will love this one-of-a-kind oasis!

Another of our classic and original designs, brought back by popular demand.
It is a fun colorful composition of striped body fabric and denim top and trimmed with pom-poms on the eaves. Great for Cats or Small sized dogs.

Accessories include a large white pom-pom on top and matching red cushion filled with anti-allergic fiber and covered with a washable faux wool fabric.
Being raise off the floor protects your pet from cold and heat.

Height is 29 inches the base is 17 inches diameter at its widest part is 21 inches diameter.
Cleaning Instructions: Machine wash pillow cover; vacuum / dry clean tent fabric. Easy to assemble, No tools are required.

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