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Bronze Dog Urn - Bulldog
Bronze Dog Urn - Bulldog

Bronze Dog Urn - Bulldog

SKU: foreverp-bd1

Bronze Figurine Dog Urn

These wonderful cold cast bronze figurine urns designed to look and feel like real bronze. Each figurine is hand painted in Italy and designed to appeal to pet owners whose pet didn't have the exact coat or color patterns shown in our standard line of color figurines. Some people of course simply prefer the appearance of these faux bronze figurines. Each urn base is made from North American hardwood and is available in the light maple, medium oak or dark walnut finishes.

Your pet's bagged ashes are installed through a removable bottom which is secured with screws, providing tamper resistant protection.

Size Dimensions Pet Size Urn Volume

Small 7.75 inches x 6 inches x 2.75 inches 0-45 lbs. 55 cubic inches

Medium 7.75 inches x 6 inches x 3.75 inches 46-70 lbs. 85 cubic inches

Large 7.75 inches x 6 inches x 4.75 inches 71-95 lbs. 115 cubic inches

XLarge 7.75 inches x 6 inches x 5.75 inches 96-125 lbs. 145 cubic inches