Aquadude Hermit Crab Dog Toy


Aquadude Hermit Crab Dog Toy


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Product description

Aquadude Hermit Crab

Meet Aquadude, the vibrant and active hermit crab you'll love to have in your home! His unique colors and energetic nature bring life to any room, and his playful personality is sure to entertain for hours. Aquadude is the perfect companion to take your experience to the next level!

Durable, easy-to-toss Grriggles Aquadudes are adorable under-the-sea characters

  • • Rugged, tear-resistant inner layer and mixed materials (plush, mesh, corduroy)
    • Soft, grabbable plush ball toy with squeaker makes it easy to toss, fetch, gnaw, and carry around
    • Squeezable plush toy fits nicely into jaws of dogs, large and small

Material: Mesh, plush, corduroy
Size: Hermit Crab measures 6 Inches

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