Cloud E Collar for Dogs
Cloud E Collar for Dogs from $17.99
KONG Cloud E-Collar KONG Cloud E-Collar is a comfortable, inflatable e-collar that doesn't interfere with your dog's peripheral vision or their ability to eat and drink. Greats for dogs and cats recovering from surgery or wounds, these collars are washable, scratch and bite-resistance and will not mark up floors or furniture. Available in five sizes. For larger breeds with longer limbs, or breeds in between sizes, always size up. Always monitor your pet to ensure collar is working properly. Some pets may be able to maneuver around any collar. Directions Simply inflate and place around your pet's neck in order to deter from aggravating a wound or injury Sizes: X Small - Neck size up to 6-inches; suitable for cats and toy breeds Small- Neck size 6-inches to 10-inches; suitable for cats as well as Jack Russell, Sheltie and similar breed size Medium - Neck size 10-inches to 13-inches; suitable for Border Collie, Spaniel and similar breed size Large - Neck size 13-inches to 18-inches; suitable for Labrador, Golden Retriever and similar breed size X Large - Neck size 18-inches and up; suitable for Rottweiler, Mastiff, Great Dane and similar breed size
E Recovery Collar for Pets
E Recovery Collar for Pets $19.99
E-Collar - Recovery Collar Keep your furry friend comfortable during their recovery with our E Recovery Collar for Pets. This innovative collar provides a safe and effective way to prevent your pet from licking or biting their wounds. Say goodbye to traditional collars and give your pet the freedom to heal in comfort. Soft Elizabethan recovery collar designed to keep your pet safe and comfortable during the healing process. Water resistant polyester material wipes clean. Sturdy Velcro keeps e-collar on with quick and easy-fitting. An extra strap provides more secured fitting. Recommended by vets.
Flower E - Collar for Pets
Flower E-Collar for Pets from $24.99
Flower E - Collar - Recovery Collar Let your little one Bloom with our Flower E-Collar.   Keep your pet looking stylish and feeling comfy with the Flower E-Collar. This soft recovery collar provides a protective barrier that still lets your pet sleep comfortably- the perfect balance of security and comfort. Say goodbye to clumsy and uncomfortable bulky collars with this fashionable and functional choice. Made for medical emergencies, this collar allows your pet to heal in cuteness and style.  Fabric design offers softness for your furbaby.    Also makes a great accessory for pet pics. Small- 10-11 inches Height-4 inches , Medium- 12-13 inches Height-5 inches , Large- 14-15 inches Height 6 1/2 inches 
Post Surgical Recovery Suit for Pets
Post Surgical Recovery Suit for Pets from $49.99
Post Surgical Recovery Suit Our Post Surgical Recovery Suit provides a comfortable and safe environment for your pup to heal with minimal interference. Its form-fitting design allows for easy mobility during recovery while providing necessary rest and support. Get ready to see your pup playing again with ease! Professional alternative to the "Cone of Shame" (E-Collar). Would you wear a cone? Pets are protected from themselves as well as from others. When in heat or with light incontinence. Reduces the risk of blood or urine stains in your house. Covers skin conditions (when using ointments, the Recovery Suit also prevents dogs licking it off). Protects wounds, sutures, hot spots and helps to keep it dry. The Suitical Recovery Suit are a professional alternative to a cone and full body bandage. Suitable for first aid purposes, hot spot, wound and bandage protection, skin conditions, when in season or incontinence and a lot more… The design is based on the animal’s shape and anatomy with a snug fit as result. Manufactured using a breathable stretchy Cotton / Lycra fabric, giving complete freedom of movement without compromising strength or durability. Thanks to the rear closure effortless to fit.