Viva La Dog Pink Potion Conditioner


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Viva La Dog Pink Potion Conditioner 16oz

Pink Potion Conditioner detangles, protects the hair shaft, reduces static and flyaway while it helps prevent matting and tangling.


  • Detanglers and Hair Conditioning Agents
  • Humectants (Skin Conditioners), Anti-Static
  • Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), UV Absorbers
  • Botanical Blend of Cranberry, Avocado & Pumpkin
  • Custom Blended Kiwi Berry Fragrance

    Adds slip to hair for ease of detangling
    Takes out static, prevents fly-a-way. Moisturizes skin
    Adds volume to coat, leaves hair shaft soft, shiny & easy to comb
    Helps protect coat from environment
    Botanical blend adds anti-oxidants and moisture
    Long lasting fragrance freshens coat

    Use after bathing to condition the coat, take out static and flyaway, help prevent tangles and matting. Apply generously by the handful and massage well into the entire coat, avoiding the face. Rinse with warm water. Dry by towel or use a dryer approved for dogs.

    For Extreme Tangles Use Before Bathing to help brush out mats and tangles: wet thoroughly, apply generous amount of conditioner, massage well into coat. Brush or comb out tangles. Shampoo as usual. Reapply conditioner after shampooing to help prevent tangles.

    Recommended For: All Breeds.