Rock N Romance Hair Bow

Hot Bows

SKU: hb-rnr-01

Rock N Romance Hair Bow

So rock n roll cool!
Flaming fuchsia heart with a black animal print design on a black 5/8" ribbon woven with a silver thread.

Hot Bows are original designs created to add some fun and fashion and can be enjoyed by girls and pets alike!
Most Hot Bows are stiffened with a special non-toxic stiffener and they are designed to last longer then other ribbon bows.
Trendy styles and high quality products make Hot Bows a great fashion accessory for all.
Hot Bows are approximately 1 3/4” long, while the puffs are up to 2” wide.

Most styles come with three attachment options including latex bands (2 each), French clips, no-slip French clips
and our non-stiffened tulle puffs are available with alligator clips. Made in the USA.
2 Latex Bands; for experienced users, i.e. groomers.
They are easy to use, but if your dog doesn’t sit still a clip will be easier for you to use.
The French Clip is easy to open and for dogs that have thick hair or already have a band in their hair (i.e. Shih Tzu or Poodle).
No-Slip French Clips are easy to open; an added piece of Velcro prevents the clip from slipping off the straighter hair (i.e. Yorkie or Maltese)