Quarterback Halo

Muffins Halo

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Muffin’s Quarterback Halo

Is a patented guide for blind dogs that was custom designed and handcrafted in the USA.

I think Muffin's Halo Guide For Blind Dogs is a good tool to help augment the lives of our patients with vision loss."
Christin Fahrer, DVM, MS, DACVO
Eye Care For Animals

"Muffin's Halo was developed by Silvie for her dog Muffin. I saw an immediate improvement in his confidence when he wore it.
He was no longer frustrated or embarassed by walking into things because it acts like a wearable cane to help him get around.
I am very impressed by this product and I recommend it highly for blind dogs."

Dr. David Schwartz, DVM
Boulevard Pet Clinic

"Muffin's Halo provides blind dogs a beautiful tool. It really enhances their lives."
Dr. Richard Palmquist, DVM
Centinela Animal Hospital