Play N Squeak Whack Attack


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Play-N-Squeak Whack Attack

Bring the Wild Inside! Cats are natural hunters.
Play-N-Squeak toys are meant to fuel a cat’s natural hunting instinct and vent pent up energy.
Featuring an electronic sound module that produces an amazingly realistic mouse squeak that cats love.
Play-N-Squeak are perfect for healthy mental and physical stimulation-it keeps them alert, agile and healthy.
With the "Whack Attack" indoor cats can stalk and pounce and engage their natural predatory instincts in a healthy way.
It also lets cats engage in solitary play, which provides mental stimulation and needed exercise.
The "Whack Attack" comes with a detachable catnip plush rock and the bouncy mouse on top of the toy promotes hours of frolic and fun!

•9" long x 12" high x 9" wide