Pawz Disposable Boots - Black


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Pawz Dog Boots

Pawz is the world’s only disposable, natural rubber dog boot designed to go on easily and fit securely without zippers or straps.
Fashionable yet durable, Pawz is serious paw protection. Pawz protect against: snow melt and lawn chemicals, liquids, soil, sand, pool liner tears.
Pawz is the most natural-feeling boot your dog can wear because the material is so thin your dog feels the ground, providing a sense of security.
And imagine never losing another expensive dog boot again!

More advantages:
• Biodegradable
• Reusable
• Waterproof
• Bends with Paw
• Guaranteed to stay on
• Serious Protection
• Inexpensive
• Dogs Love Them
• Vet and Groomer endorsed!
Each pack of Pawz contains 3 sets of boots.

The Pawz Disposable Boots - Black was made with pets in mind. Something to keep everyone happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: Nov 26, 2022