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Obstacle Travel Cat House
Obstacle Travel Cat House

Obstacle Travel Cat House

SKU: ptt7

Obstacle Travel House for Cats

Kitty-Play obstacle soft folding travel sturdy collapsible folding pet cat House is constructed with durable PU coated Polyester and mesh netting all around for breathability with added lightweight metal poles for added durability. The Kitty-Play cat house features four pass-through entrances at the bottom with dual mezzanine holes for climb through passage. Easy to install and setup. Great for interactive fun and brain activity development. Heavy enough to hold over 120 Lbs. of weight, and light and small enough to travel and setup. Easier for storage and a simpler alternative to those bulkier conventional heavier cat houses. Features multiple tunnels located at the interior, great for multiple cats. 


LxWxH: 27.16 x 14.17x 27.16

A fun and engaging obstacle cat house great for multiple pets
Features multiple cat entrances and lounging areas
Constructed nice and sturdy with durable metal frames 
disassembles, the perfect alternative to the bulkier and heavier conventional cat houses while taking up little-to-no storage space