Mini Stripe Dog Bones


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Mini Stripe Bones

Take Out boxes are 3 1/2 inches X 2 1/2 inches X 3 1/4 inches
They hold approximately 20 cookies each.
For the health of your pets we do not add any chemical preservatives to any of our cookies.

We use: Organic wheat flour, Organic barley flour, Organic flaxseed meal, wheat bran, Organic sunflower seeds,
Organic whole oats, Organic baking soda, Organic carrots, canola oil, Organic peanut butter, carob powder, eggs,
vanilla, peanuts, sesame seeds, parsley, mint, chicken broth, fresh parmesan cheese, natural honey, blackstrap molasses,
cinnamon, lecithin, vitamins C and E and rosemary. Our cookies are not real hard.

Great for the seniors!
Due to the higher cost of using organically grown ingredients you will be paying a little more for these healthier dog cookies.
Coatings: Vanilla Yogurt and Carob (not chocolate).