Ice Cream House

Merry PP

SKU: mp-pm1

The Ice Cream House Collection

This fun and trendy looking house with burgundy wood trim offers your pets a sense of security
while its large windows allow for maximum visibility to your pet’s surroundings, satisfying its natural curiosity.
This house is bound to make your pet sleep better as every moment of their dream comes true.

Dimensions (External) 27"D x 25"W x 23"H (Internal) 21"D x 19"W x 21"H (Door) 12"W x 14"H

* Color - Cedar Brown, Burgundy wood trim.
* Unique Distinctive House Designs.
* Lightweight, Easy to Handle!!
* Removable Roof Top and Bottom Panels for Easy Cleaning.
* Raised Bottom Design Keeps Pets Dry. Wood Constructions
* Wood is Kiln Dried and Treated with Natural Color Stains to enhance the Appearance and Durability of the Pet House.
* Stable and Cellular Structure of wood allows the pet house to withstand humidity and extreme temperatures Natural scent of wood creates a calming and pleasant atmosphere.
* Natural Insulating Feature of Wood is 2 - 5 times higher than any other materials used in pet construction.
* May be re-stained like any other wood.

Assembly - Comes in Panels. - Simple, Easy to follow instructions and all Hardware is included.
- Assembly times is approximately 20 minutes. - Tools required (1) - Phillip Screwdriver