Heart Shaped Dog Cake


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Heart Shaped Dog Cake

A gorgeous and delicious cake made to order for a special celebration for your precious pup!
Maybe it's her birthday, or adoption day or maybe she or he just DESERVES it!

This cake is baked to order and is five inches wide by two inches tall and draped with fondant
and royal icing swirls, with flowers and your dog's name. The perfect size for your large of small dog!

We use choice human recipes, with all human grade and organic and natural ingredients,
remove the sugar and add molasses and honey to boost the flavor. Never any artificial ingredients!

We know its "all about the nose" for your dog and only use recipes that have a strong scent attraction for her.
That way, she knows that her cake is as special as yours!

Materials: flour, canola oil, butter, vanilla, baking powder, eggs,
peanut butter, molasses, honey, fondant, milk, carob powder, royal icing decorations

*Please place your order 2 weeks before