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Hanging Skeleton

Hanging Skeleton

SKU: 01160

Hanging Skeleton Cat Scratcher

Designed to satisfy a cat's vertical scratching needs.           

• Arrives pre-strung for quick and easy hanging from a door knob or other surface.
• Our hanging Scratch 'n Shapes are designed to satisfy a cat's vertical scratching needs.
• The unique honeycomb surface mimics the feel of tree bark (a texture cats prefer), so cats WILL scratch this.
• High quality USA made cat scratcher that will keep your cats satisfied and coming back for more.
• Our Eco-Friendly cat scratcher is made from recycled paper and recyclable after use. Includes a bag of our pure all-natural catnip grown in USA and/or Canada.

Unit measures approx. 3.25 inches W x 4 inches D x 14.75 inches H. D