Ghostbusters Jumpsuit Costume


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Ghostbusters Jumpsuit Dog Costume

Dogs will come to you if you call them any name with enough excitement,
so put him or her in this Pet's Ghostbusters Jumpsuit Dog Costume, call the Ghostbusters, and watch him or her come running.
There will be nothing more adorable this Halloween than your pup in a classic movie outfit.
This dog ensemble is so cool that Bill Murray would be jealous of it.
The costume comes with a yellow dog jumpsuit with an attached black backpack,
which is meant to look like one of the ghost vacuum the Ghostbusters use in the movie.
On the chest of the yellow suit is the Ghostbusters' symbol of a white ghost in the red circle that symbolizes "no".
Put your dog in this Ghostbusters costume, and he won't be afraid of no ghost.

Includes: Shirt and Backpack
Imagine if you and your pet could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Ghostbusters Jumpsuit Costume.

Inventory Last Updated: Jan 18, 2021