Flingaroo Tutu Mice


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Flingaroo Tutu Mice Catnip Toys

KONG Flingaroo Tutu launches cats into pirouettes of healthy, instinct-satisfying pounce-and-capture play. This ballerina mouse features a tulle puff that's easy to grab and dangling paws that make dragging even more delightful. Jingling bells in feet and KONG Premium North American Catnip extend the paw de deux.

  • Lightweight tulle ballerina ignites fling-and-capture fun.
  • Dangling feet spark hunting instincts.
  • Bells in paws keep cats engaged.
  • KONG Premium North American Catnip inside.
  • Assorted Color (Pink or Teal)
  • Size: 8 x 3 inches

    The Flingaroo Tutu Mice was made with pets in mind. Something to keep everyone happy. Every. Single. Day.

    Inventory Last Updated: Nov 30, 2022