Enter the Dragon Carrier


SKU: fly02-ntrdrgn-01

Enter the Dragon Pet Carrier

Two interchangeable handles (including shoulder)
• Peek-a-boo roll up flap
• Stainless steel wire window
• Fur-lined removable hard bottom insert
• Blankie to snuggle
• Side
• User-friendly fur-lined side entrance
• Buckles easily into the car for maximum safety

Features an Embroidered black tribal dragon with a red eye and Perwinkle & Black Canvas that is water resistant and easy to clean.

The interior is white and black dalmatian faux fur.
The picture window on the back is a round circle.
Approved by most major airlines for in cabin travel - please check with your preferred airline before purchasing

The Mini Carrier is especially for tea-cups accommodates up to 4lbs. Mini dimensions: 9H x 8D x 13L (inches).
The Small Carrier accommodates up to 11lbs. Small dimensions: 10H x 9D x 16L (inches).
The Super Carrier accommodates up to 16lbs. Super dimensions: 12H x 9D x 19L (inches).