Doggie Water Concentrate


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Doggie Water Concentrate


Doggie Water contains dog vitamins and electrolytes that are an important part of your dog’s diet and essential for good health. Adding the right set of dog supplements and natural electrolytes to your dog’s daily diet, which are not provided from food, will make your dog healthier plus more active and DoggieWater provides essential vitamins for dogs. Pour directly into the water bowl or pour over food or add for great flavor to the water bowl for your Doggie. Take on walks or use at home. Your Doggie needs more water per pound than a human does. As there are electrolyte/vitamin drinks for humans. Why not Doggie’s? Doggie Water is a flavored supplement drinks for your Doggie.

Dog’s lose water through salvation and respiration in addition to its regular
puddle. Doggie can lose more water than it takes in, leading to dehydration.
Dehydration is severe if untreated. Because water is such an important part of
any dog’s diet they should be given access to clean water at all times.
General rule of thumb:
For every pound a dog weighs…
it should have ONE ounce of water per day.

Active Ingredients:

Vitamin B1 - Helps your pet metabolize fats and proteins and helps them also convert food, or
carbohydrates, into fuel, which in turn is then turned into the energy.
• Vitamin B2 is responsible for the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates into energy
• Vitamin B3 is required for proper function of more than 50 enzymes and also needed for healthy skin and
proper circulation of blood throughout the body.
• Vitamin B5, helps and is involved with food metabolism and hormone production.
• Vitamin B6 deficiency can occur so B6 can help with any convulsive and/or has microcytic hypochromic
• Vitamin B12 Prevents Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). Deficiency is extremely common in more
than half of dogs. Because a doggie can store up the vitamin under normal conditions, it may take some time
before it reaches a critically low point.
• Iodine - Is a trace mineral that is essential for the body.
• Manganese - Helps build bones, produces energy at a cellular level, and is needed for a good working
nervous system.

***Bacon Flavor Only

The Doggie Water Concentrate is one of a kind, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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