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Davis Dog Hair Dye

Davis Dog Hair Dye

SKU: dm3111-01

Davis Studio Color Dog Hair Dye

Formulated for use in airbrush guns or fingertip spray applications, these semi-permanent Davis Studio Color Hair Dyes apply smoothly, making it easy for stylists to see the pattern that is being prepared.

  • Unlike other dyes, Davis Studio Colors cause the hair to swell slightly so it can take in the dye more effectively
  • It also contains a special clear ingredient that attaches the color to the hair, keeping the color fixed on the coat and minimizing running and dripping
  • For quick application on most breeds or coat types, use Davis Studio Colors in an airbrush gun or convenient fingertip spray bottle
  • For dogs and cats
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Instructions for Use:
  1. Thoroughly wash hair before applying Davis Studio Color to remove dirt, oils, and conditioner residue.
  2. Do not let dye come in contact with your skin, eyes or clothing. It is semi permanent and it WILL stain. Be sure to wear gloves.
  3. After Davis Studio Color is applied, allow dye to sit for at least 15 minutes.
  4. The longer the dye is allowed to soak in, the more vivid the colors will be.

Once dye has had time to sit, rinse excess dye thoroughly until water runs clear.
Skipping this step could cause dye to run if the pet gets wet and lead to damages in the home.

Shipping Info: This item is available for shipment only within the contiguous United States.