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Cuddle Pal - Unicorn

Cuddle Pal - Unicorn

SKU: pts67832

Cuddle Pal - Unicorn

WARMTH THAT SOOTHES: If your kitten or cat has separation anxiety, the Nighttime Cuddle Toy is a great choice to help reduce their stress and help them sleep. Just place the buckwheat filled pouch in the microwave- once warmed, seal back into the Cuddle Pal for comforting warmth.

FILLED WITH BUCKWHEAT: A removable pouch on this microwaveable cuddle cat toy can easily be placed in your microwave and is filled with buckwheat for more natural comfort.

MACHINE WASHABLE: To wash your kitty’s Cuddle Toy, simply remove the buckwheat pouch and place the shell in your washing machine for cleaner cuddle time.

  • Filled with buckwheat
  • Warming insert heats in microwave
  • Helps distract and de-stress
  • Soothes tension

Product Dimensions:

  • 11 inches  x 5.5 inches  x 3.75 inches