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Sleepy Time Cuddle Blanket - White Siberian Tiger

Sleepy Time Cuddle Blanket - White Siberian Tiger

SKU: petfly-29-02

White Siberian Tiger Dog Blanket

Sleepy Time Cuddle Blanket

Cuddle Blankets are made for pets who love to cuddle! Now with Wavy Ruffle Trim.
Cuddle Blankets are made in America from the softest faux fur fabrics known to mankind.
Spoil your pet in sleepy-time luxury by wrapping them in a lavish, velvety Cuddle Blanket.
The only place more comfy and cozy for your pet is in your embrace!
Your Cuddle Blanket is machine washable, but please do not use fabric softener in the wash.
Tumble dry your Cuddle Blanket on low heat with a fabric softener sheet for optimal results.

2 Sizes Available:

Full Size 36x 60 inches  Jumbo Size 60x 72 inches 

Made in the U.S.A.