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Color Paw Nail Appliques- Rhinestones SALE

Color Paw Nail Appliques- Rhinestones

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SKU: tp8660420

Color Paw Pet Nail Appliques 4-Pack

Color Paw Nail Appliques for Dogs Color Paw Pet Nail Appliqué sheets make it easy
to decorate a dog’s nails with colorful floral, rhinestones or 3D heart images.

Just peel and stick directly to your dog's nails for an endearing effect.
Adding pizzazz to pets’ nails is a cinch with these delightful nail appliqués!
Simply peel and stick appliqués to doggie nails, with or without polish, and watch nails pop.
In colorful floral, rhinestone or 3D heart designs.
Each pack contains four, 4 3/4 inches x 2 1/2 inches sheets of appliqués
Materials: Silica gel (Non-Toxic) Package