Cat is Good Scratch Post

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Cat is Good Scratch Posts

The Cat is Good® Scratch Post is a versatile piece of cat furniture that saves your furniture!
Cats naturally seek out rough surfaces they can use to file down their claws.
Use this attractive scratch post to redirect that innate behavior.
Happy kitties will enjoy scratching the sisal post, then curling up in the comfy cushioned perch for a well-deserved rest.
High bolstered sides provide that sense of seclusion cats love, and the soft plush fabric gives them the comfort they deserve!

Cats can work out on the scratching post, then relax in the cushioned perch with this versatile Cat is Good™ Scratch Post.

  • The sturdy sisal-wrapped post redirects destructive scratching
  • A wide carpet-covered base provides stability and prevents tipping
  • Cushioned plush perch with bolstered sides is ideal for cat naps
  • Great visual appeal: The clever design of the bolstered platform features the Cat Is Good™ trademark cat head shape!

Materials: Polyester plush, plywood, sisal
Dimensions: 18½"L x 18½"W x 24"H

Parts List:
A) Base (1)
B) Sisal-Covered Post (1)
C) Perch Base (1)
D) Perch Cover (1)
E) Screw (1)
F) Washer (1)

Tools needed: Flat-head screwdriver

Cat is Good® Scratch Post Assembly Instructions

  1. Turn the base (A) upside down. Insert the included screw (E) and washer (F) into the depression on the underside of the base.
  2. Hold onto the body of the screw, and turn the base right side up.
  3. Insert the screw into the hole in the base of the sisal-covered post (B). Turn the item upside down again.
  4. Use a slotted screwdriver to tighten the screw. Turn the item right side up.
  5. Position the hole in the bottom of the perch base (C) over the screw that extends from the top of the sisal-covered post.
  6. Twist the perch base until it rests firmly against the top of the sisal-covered post.
  7. Stretch the elasticized edge of the perch cover (D) over the perch base, making sure the cat ears align.
  8. Your Cat is Good® Scratch Post is ready for hours of feline fun!