ButterFly Carrier


SKU: petfly-6-02

ButterFly Carrier

Pet Flys Carriers features: Approved by most major airlines for in cabin travel
• Two interchangeable handles (including shoulder)
• Peek-a-boo roll up flap
• Stainless steel wire window
• Fur-lined removable hard bottom insert
• Blankie to snuggle
• Side
• User-friendly fur-lined side entrance
• Buckles easily into the car for maximum safety

The Mini Carrier is especially for tea-cups accommodates up to 4lbs. Mini dimensions: 9H x 8D x 13L (inches).  (Sold Out)
The Small Carrier accommodates up to 11lbs. Small dimensions: 10H x 9D x 16L (inches).
The Super Carrier accommodates up to 16lbs. Super dimensions: 12H x 9D x 19L (inches).  (Sold Out)

If you are planning to use your Pet Flys pet carrier for airline travel,
please make sure to check with your airline to see if this carrier meets with their under-seat size requirements.