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Brew Yahs! Spent Grain Beer Treats Pouch
Brew Yahs! Spent Grain Beer Treats Pouch

Brew Yahs! Spent Grain Beer Treats Pouch

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6 oz. Brew Yahs! Spent Grain Beer Treats Pouch

The time has come to not only raise a glass to your four legged friends, but share a brew with them in celebration of the little things. Cheers to being awesome! Cheers for sitting! Cheers to not pooping on the rug today! Oh, if only humans were rewarded for such minor accomplishments. Brew Yahs! are naturally delicious, without any help from funky chemicals. Feel good rewarding your fur babies with a brew they can chew!

Brew Yahs! are a spent grain treat. Spent grain is a byproduct of the beer brewing process. During the brewing process, sugars are extracted from grain. The spent grain is then skimmed out and typically thrown away. But wait – spent grain is totally safe for consumption. We obtain our spent grain from a local brewery and create delicious treats for your beast! Think of it as an awesome way to help the environment, spoil your pooch, and feel good about doing both. Cheers!

Description: Biscuit like treats that are able to be broken into smaller pieces with ease, bringing a bit of brew to canines of all sizes.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, spent grain, peanut butter (peanuts, peanut oil), eggs.

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein, minimum 20.1%; Crude Fat, minimum 3.3%; Crude Fiber, minimum 3.3%