Bark Vineyard Wine

Bark Vineyard

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Bark Vineyard Varietals
A gourmet treat experience awaits the canine or feline who receives a bottle of the Bark Vineyards’ Varietals.
Pour evenly over a meal, step back as your beloved furry friend savors the delicious bouquet and unique flavors.

• An alcohol free au-jus which is poured over furry friends meals • Human grade ingredients
• No animal by-products, artificial colors or flavors, chemical preservatives, refined sugars or artificial sweeteners
• FDA approved facility
• Great for store events
• Unique gift idea
• Veterinarian Recommended! All Bark Vineyards varietals are bottled in 750 ml. bottles (25.3 fl. oz).

Barkundy (beef flavor) Sauvignon Bark (chicken flavor) Pinot Leasheo (chicken flavor) White Sniff-n-Tail (salmon flavor)

*Wine Gift Box Option
The NEW red gift/display boxes are high quality, glossy, cardboard and are an economical substitute for the previously featured wood boxes.
You have the option to choose either no box, single box for 1 wine, or double box for 2 wines.