Lazy Bonez Comfort Dog Toy
Lazy Bonez Comfort Dog Toy $11.99
Lazy Bonez Comfort Plush Dog Toy Introducing the Lazy Bonez Comfort Dog Toy! Made with ultra-soft plush material, this toy is designed to provide maximum comfort for your furry friend. Give them the gift of relaxation and playtime with this irresistible toy. Perfect for any dog in need of some TLC. Introducing the super soft, super cute Lazybonez comfort toy. Lazy Susan and Slumber Jack are extremely lazy and love nothing more than catching a few zzzz’s with your pet.Great companions for dogs to lay, play and cuddle with.
Pop Up Dog Pool
Pop Up Dog Pool from $59.99
Pop Up Dog Pool The perfect solution to quick and easy set up with it's pop up style. Just fill with water for a cooling station or bath time. When you are finished shake out and collapse back into the bag. Available in 3 sizes. Small: 65cm x 23cm x 65cm Medium: 91cm x 25cm x 91cm Large: 122cm x 30cm x 122cm Perfect for use while camping, traveling, on the beach or just a day enjoying the outdoors!
SUPERSticks - Fetch Toys
SUPERSticks - Fetch Toys $17.99
SUPERSticks -Fetch Dog Toys Strong & brave, the Supersticks are made from durable, natural rubber so they love going on adventures to the park and are not afraid of a bit of tough play. The SUPER STICKS come with a handy grip molded into the toy and a built in rope for flinging. Their glow in the dark eyes make them easy to find on late night trips to the dog park.
The Sticks Dog Toy
The Sticks Dog Toy from $14.99
The Sticks Dog Toy The Sticks are a lovable family of totally terrified fetch toys. They're not only extremely dog friendly, but eco-friendly too. Made from recycled rubber, The Sticks all come with a handy grip molded into the toy plus a slobber resistant rope for improved throwing and grappling. The rope also allows you to attach it to your Belt or hang them at your front door ready for their next adventure. The Sticks float in water and have glow in the dark eyes making them the perfect throw toy for your furry friend. NOTE: Twiggy and Woody are not designed to be chewed. Please use them for chucking and chasing only.