Grrrona Beer Bottle Plush Dog Toy - XL Size


Grrrona Beer Bottle Plush Dog Toy - XL Size


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Grrrona Beer Bottle Plush Toy - XL Size

Introducing the XL Grrrona Beer Bottle Plush Dog Toy - the perfect toy for your furry friend! Made with soft, durable materials, this toy is sure to provide endless entertainment for your dog. Plus, its fun design will make your dog the coolest pup at the park. Cheers to playtime!

Grrrona Beer Toy from the Muttini Bar Collection where it is ALWAYS Happy Hour! 

  •  XL Grrrona Beer features a durable mesh lining for tough chewers.  Big dogs love These plush Dog toys too!  Xl Grrrona measures 10 inches high.

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